Stoke City FC badgeWe've been hard at work collating all the injuries suffered by Premier League footballers, in an effort to better understand what the most common injuries are, how long players spend out for each injury and when injuries are most likely to be sustained. Injuries to footballers are probably the most discussed injuries in the UK - as they can drastically affect the fortunes of our favourite teams and the national team (who doesn't remember the fuss about David Beckham's broken metatarsal!?) We have been analysing all the injuries to Premier League footballers over the past five seasons - 2009/10 through to 2013/14. Below you can see our analysis of the injuries to Stoke City players. To see our previous analysis of other Premier League clubs, click the links below:

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Stoke City injury record - key findings

Over the past five seasons (2009/10 to 2013/14) Stoke City's players have suffered just 133 injuries in total - a lot less than most other Premier League clubs. That averages out to almost 27 injuries each season. In contrast, Spurs have suffered 226 injuries over the same time period. Arsenal have suffered 194 and Stoke's West Midlands rivals Aston Villa have suffered 181. Below is a breakdown of the amount of Stoke City injuries for each of the past five seasons: Stoke injuries per season graph As the above shows, the amount of injuries to Stoke City players each season is fairly consistent.

Total lost playing time - 148 months

As well as having a relatively small amount of recorded injuries, Stoke City players also don't seem to be injured for very long. Their injury record is littered with 'niggles' that keep players out for a couple of weeks at a time, with only a few long term injuries that last for months. As such, Stoke City have lost just 148 months of potential playing time over the past five seasons (by comparison, Spurs lost 338.5 months). 148 months work out at just over 30 months playing time each season lost to injuries - or 2.5 years. Still a significant amount of lost player time.

Stoke player out for the longest

Mamady Sidibé holds the unenviable distinction for being the Stoke City player with the most time out injured over the past five seasons. The Malian striker spent a total of 28 months out injured in that time period - so just under 50% of his time at Stoke over the past five seasons was spent on the treatment table. Sidibé had two major injuries during his time at Stoke - an Achilles injury that cost him 17 months out and a knee injury that kept him sidelined for 6 months. He also sustained several other niggly injuries to his knees, hamstring and groin. Mamady Sidibe Stoke Mamady Sidibe - spent 28 months out injured In comparison, the Stoke player who spent the next longest out injured after Sidibe was winger Matthew Etherington - who spent 10.5 months out injured between the 2009/10 and 2013/14 seasons.

Stoke City player with the most injuries

Matthew Etherington and Mamady Sidibe are at the top of this list as well, but the roles have reversed. Etherington is the Stoke player that sustained the most injuries over the past five seasons - clocking up a total 13, which is not far off 3 separate injuries each season. None of his injuries kept him out for longer than 2 months though. In second place is Sidibe with 9 separate injuries. Matthew Etherington Stoke Matthew Etherington - suffered 13 different injuries  

Position with the most injuries

Stoke City's midfielders suffered the most injuries in the past five seasons, clocking up 54 separate injuries between them - almost 11 each season. Defenders come in second with a total of 39 different injuries, but unusually Stoke City's forwards are not far behind with a total of 36 - that's the most out of all the Premier League clubs. Stoke injuries by position graph  

Most common type of injury

Hamstring injuries are the most common amongst Stoke City players - with a total of 27 hamstring injuries between them over the past five seasons. Knee injuries are a close second with 22, groin and back injuries are joint third with 16 (that's the most back injuries of any Premier League club) while calf (14) and ankle (10) are also fairly common. Stoke common injuries pie chart  

Most common injury per position


There were 4 different injuries recorded for Stoke City's goalies over the past five seasons - 3 for Thomas Sorenson (back, elbow, virus) and 1 for Asmir Begovic (thigh).


Calf and knee injuries affect Stoke's defenders the most - with 8 separate incidences of each recorded. Hamstring injuries come in a close second, with defenders suffering 7 of them over the past five seasons.


Hamstring injuries are by far the most common for Stoke's midfielders, with 16 separate hamstring injuries affecting midfielders between the 2009/10 and 2013/14 seasons. The next most common injury to affect midfielders was back injuries with just 9.


Stoke's forwards are most likely to suffer knee injuries - with 8 recorded over the past five seasons. Groin injuries (7) and ankle injuries (6) are also quite common for Stoke City's strikers.

Most serious injury

Knee injuries are the most serious for Stoke City players, in terms of the amount of lost playing time. Stoke players were out for a combined 40 months due to knee injuries over the past five seasons. Hamstring injuries accounted for 20 months out and back injuries led to 15 months out injured. Stoke most serious injury graph  

Most common time of injury

When we view the months when each injury happened, a definite pattern to Stoke's injuries begins to emerge. There are two 'peaks' to the injuries, one towards the end of the first half of the season (Oct - Dec) and then one towards the end of the season (Mar - Apr). Stoke injury by month graph  

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If you would like to see our data and do your own analysis on Stoke City's injury record over the past five seasons then use the sharing options below to download the data…

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