Below we have collated some interesting and eye-catching personal injury statistics from 2013-2014.

Health and Safety Statistics

  • 2 million self-reported health and safety incidents
  • 2 million work days lost due to health and safety incidents
  • 13,000 work related deaths

Common types of  work related illness

Health conditions exacerbated by work:

  Long-latency conditions (conditions that can take many years to develop):

Occupational Cancer

  • 8,000 deaths each year
  • Around 13,500 new cases each year
  • Most new cases are lung cancer, breast cancer or skin cancer
  • Occupational cancer affects three times more men than women
  • The cancers that most commonly cause deaths are mesothelioma or lung cancer
  • Over 5,500 cases each year affect workers in the construction industry
  • Common causes are exposure to solar radiation, mineral oils and silica

Asbestos-Related Diseases

  • Asbestos-related diseases account for around 5,000 deaths each year and this number is still increasing.
  • Current deaths are the result of past exposure, usually in the building trade
  • Asbestos-related diseases often take decades to develop after exposure
  • Of the 2,535 mesothelioma deaths in 2012, 2,126 were men and 409 were women
  • The annual number of deaths related to asbestos poisoning is expected to peak towards the end of this decade

Work-Related Respiratory Disease

  • Examples include asthma, COPD, pneumoconiosis and silicosis (all of which are potentially fatal)
  • Diseases like COPD can have long latency periods
  • Around 4,000 deaths each year from COPD developed as a result of exposure to harmful gases and fumes in the workplace.
  • No change in new cases of occupational asthma over the last five years

Work-Related Skin Diseases

  • The most common is contact dermatitis caused by allergens or irritants
  • Highest rates were seen in florists, hairdressers, cooks and beauticians
  • There has been an overall reduction in new cases of work-related skin diseases over the last ten years
  • Over 950 occupational dermatitis cases recorded in 2013

Work-Related Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is typically a long-latency disease
  • Around 150 new claims are awarded Industrial Disablement Benefit each year
  • Mostly affects men
  • Most commonly reported in energy extraction, construction and manufacturing industries
  • Around 18,000 new cases reported each year

Injury Severities in 2013/14

  • 629,000 self-reported injuries at work
  • 203,000 leading to over 3 days absence
  • 148,000 leading to over 7 days absence
  • 80,000 injuries to workers reported by employers
  • 20,000 major injuries reported by employers
  • 133 fatal injuries

The Cost of Injuries and Ill Health in the Workplace

  • £14.2 billion per year as a result of current or recent working conditions
  • Largest single payouts are awards for pain, grief and suffering
  • Costs have fallen in recent years and may be levelling off
  • Individuals bear around 60% of the cost, whilst the government and employers each pay around 20%
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