No Win No Fee is a term used by personal injury solicitors. After assessing your case, they will decide to work on a No Win No Fee basis if you have an almost 100% chance of winning.

If your claim is unsuccessful and the lawyer doesn't win it for you, you will not have to pay any upfront fees.

When our solicitor does win your case, they will need to recover the costs for their time, hard work and the risk they took. The cost of all this will be taken out of the compensation amount you'll be awarded - known as a 'success fee'.

No Win No Fee arrangements remove the risk of making an injury claim yourself, as without an accident lawyer, you would have to foot the bills for all the legal costs and fees - which can be costly and stressful. But with a No Win No Fee agreement, there's no stress that you'll be out of pocket!


Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) and Success Fee

A Conditional Fee Agreement is a type of No Win No Fee arrangement, which is commonly applied to the majority of personal injury cases.

Conditional fee agreements include a success fee so as to reward their risk-taking in the event of a successful result. This is currently capped at 25% of the damages awarded in personal injury cases.

Also, as a general principle of the legal system in England and Wales, the one who loses the case usually pays the winner's costs. You will not have to pay for your solicitor's basic costs out of your own pocket if you win or lose under a No Win No Fee agreement - but you might be liable for the legal costs of your opponent's case if you lose.

Due to this financial risk, you would be required to purchase an 'after the event' insurance policy when entering into a No Win No Fee* agreement, which would cover your opponent's costs should you lose.


Cute Injury's No Win No Fee Solicitors

Not every solicitor offers a No Win No Fee* arrangement and as everyone's situation is different, it really depends on the circumstances and the strength of the case.

At Cute Injury, we work our hardest to ensure that all our personal injury solicitors provide this form of agreement for all our clients. Typical No Win No Fee cases include: medical negligence, whiplash claims, accidents in public places, such as slips, trips and falls, and accidents or diseases caused in the workplace.

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