Manchester CityHere at Cute Injury we have been looking closely at all the injuries reported by Premier League football teams from the past five seasons, to see what patterns there are and see what the most common types of injuries are. All of the injury data we collect features only the injuries that have kept players out of playing football, so we can get an idea about the effects of injuries on players' careers. Here we take a close look at the injuries of Manchester City over the 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/12 and 2013/14 Premier League seasons. To compare the injury data of Manchester City with other Premier League clubs you can also see the data for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

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Manchester City injury record - key findings

In total over the past five seasons, Man City players have suffered 176 different injuries. That means, on average, every season Man City players collectively suffer 35.2 injuries - which is almost one for every Premier League game. Below is a breakdown of the total injuries to the Manchester City playing squad for each of the past five seasons... Man City total injuries As the above graph shows, Man City's injury record has improved since the 09/10 and 10/11 seasons - which could perhaps suggest a change in training methods?

Total lost playing time - 194.5 months

All of the different injuries suffered by Man City players over the past five seasons add up to a total lost playing time of 194.5 months. That's a total of just over 16 years of playing time lost to the treatment table! To put it another way, on average every season Manchester City lose over 3 years of playing time to injuries.

Player out for the longest

Michael Johnson MCFCThanks to several serious knee injuries and long standing fitness problems, midfielder Michael Johnson holds the unfortunate distinction of being the Manchester City player who spent the longest time out injured over the past five seasons. Johnson was out 'injured' for a total of 19 months before he was finally released by the club at the end of 2012. Micah Richards pushed Johnson close though, as his time at the club was blighted by injuries. The right back clocked up 16.5 months out injured while at Manchester City thanks mostly to recurring hamstring and knee injuries...

Player with the most injuries

All of those difMicah Richardsferent injuries for Micah Richards also mean the defender was the Man City player who suffered the most individual injuries over the past five seasons. In total Richards suffered 18 different injuries that kept him out of Manchester City games - eight more than the second placed Sergio Aguero. Here's a breakdown of all of Micah Richards different injuries: Micah Richards injuries

Position with the most injuries

Manchester City's defenders are the most likely to miss games due to injury. Over the past five seasons defenders suffered a total of 75 different injuries (15 per season). Midfielders had the second most injuries, collectively clocking up 60 injuries (12 per season). Man City's forwards had 38 different injuries, and goalkeepers had just 3 injuries over the past five seasons. man city injuries per season

Most common type of injury

Manchester City players are mostly prone to knee injuries - with 38 different knee injuries recorded in the past five seasons. Hamstring injuries come a close second though, with City players suffering 33 different hamstring injuries over the same period of time: man city injury types

Most common injury per position


With only 3 injuries reported that actually kept goalkeepers out of matches, there is not a lot of injury data to draw meaningful conclusions from. There were 2 shoulder injuries (to Shay Given) and 1 back injury (to Joe Hart) over the past five seasons.


Defenders are most prone to knee injuries - with a total of 17 different knee injuries affecting Man City defenders over the past five seasons.


Hamstring injuries are the most common for Man City's midfielders, who collectively suffered 15 different hamstring injuries between the 09/10 season and the 13/14 season.


Manchester City's forwards are most prone to knee injuries, recording a total of 9 different knee injuries between them in the past five seasons.

Most serious injury

Knee injuries accounted for the most lost playing time for the Man City squad over the past five seasons. In total, knee injuries led to 59.5 months of lost playing time throughout the squad - so that's 12 full years of potential playing time lost to knee injuries in the past five seasons. Hamstring injuries are the second most serious injuries to affect Manchester City's players, accounting for 36 months of time spent on the treatment table. most serious injuries

Most common time of injury

Autumn is definitely the most dangerous time of the year for Man City players in terms of getting injured. Half of all injuries to City players occur in the months of September, October, November and December! injury by month

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