Electric shocks can happen in the home, at work, at school or in a public place.  However, a high number of electric shocks happen in the workplace. If you’re suffering health problems as the result of an electric shock in your place of work, you may be able to claim compensation. Electric shocks can cause a wide variety of injuries depending on the voltage of the current and how long the individual was exposed to it. In severe cases, electric shock can cause coma or even death.

Electric Shock Injury Causes in the Workplace

At your place of work, your employer is responsible for ensuring a safe working environment.  That means all electrical equipment must be regularly safety tested. Staff must also be given the proper training to operate any electrical equipment they need to use in order to fulfil their role.

Employers must ensure that all staff undergo health and safety training to make them aware of electric shock risks in their working environment. People working on building or construction sites may be at greater risk of electric shock or electrocution if they are drilling into the ground or into walls where there may be electrical wiring that’s difficult to see.

Electric Shock Side Effects

The effects of an electric shock depend on how high the voltage was and how long the shock lasted.

Muscle Spasms

Electric shocks can cause powerful muscle spasms.  As well as being painful, these can cause the subject to hold tightly onto the object that’s transmitting the electricity.  In some cases, the jolt from the muscle spasms can be strong enough to fracture or break bones or dislocate the subject’s joints.


This is more common in electric shocks that were caused by higher voltages of electricity or that lasted longer than a few seconds.


People suffering electric shocks are often thrown backwards, or to the floor.  This can cause further injuries from surrounding objects and can be particularly dangerous for people working at height.


Electric shocks can cause people to lose consciousness, stop breathing or even stop the heart. If you’ve experienced an electric shock, even if you believe it to have been mild, you should consult a doctor immediately to check that it has not caused damage to your heart.

If you are suffering any side effects from an electric shock that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation.

Make a Claim

If you suffered an electric shock at work that wasn’t your fault and you’re experiencing symptoms associated with the side effects of electric shock, you may be able to claim compensation. There are statutes of limitations which mean you must submit your claim within strict time limits, so it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. To learn more about how Cute Injury can help, get in touch today using the options below...

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