What is Surgical Error?

Thousands of surgeries are performed every day throughout the UK and the vast majority have a successful outcome. However, occasionally mistakes are made by the surgeon or by medical staff assisting the surgeon that cause ongoing pain, suffering or physical deterioration to the patient. Having to undergo an operation is always stressful, but being told once the surgery is over that you may have more health problems can be extremely distressing. If the mistake and resulting physical harm occurred due to the negligence of the medical staff who carried out the surgery, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

What are the Most Common Kinds of Surgical Errors?

The surgeon and medical staff responsible for carrying out an operation must be vigilant and scrupulous at all times as the potential for mistakes during surgery are considerable. Surgical error can take endless forms and if you believe you may be the victim of medical negligence, it is advised that you speak to a solicitor or legal advisor straight away. There are a number of common surgical error claims.  Examples include:

  • Anaesthetic Awareness

The anaesthetist must take many things into account when administering anaesthetic to a patient, including their height and weight. Failure to administer the correct amount of anaesthetic can result in a patient becoming aware, or sometimes waking up completely during surgery.

  • Failed Sterilisation

Although medical practitioners warn that there is always a small chance that sterilisation surgery may not be 100% effective in all patients, failed sterilisation surgery is sometimes due to medical negligence.

  • Accidental Damage to Other Organs

Sometimes, a surgeon can accidentally cause damage to other organs or tissues near to the part of the body they are operating on. This can result in ongoing health problems for the patient.

  • Unsuccessful Knee Replacement or Fracture Surgery

When knee replacement or fracture surgeries go wrong, the result can be significant pain and reduced mobility for the patient with the possibility of further invasive operations to correct the problem and potentially also loss of earnings.

How to Make a Claim

Medical negligence claims can be very complicated.  It must be provable that the surgeon or medical staff responsible for carrying out the surgery was in breach of their duties. It must be established that their negligence resulted directly in physical harm to the patient.  The court will also need to see evidence to decide on the extent of the harm and the ongoing consequences for the patient in order to award adequate damages should the claim be successful.

However, there are strict time limits imposed on how long after the surgery you can submit a claim. It is therefore vital to seek legal advice straight away if you believe you have been the victim of surgical error or medical negligence. Get in touch with Cute Injury today for professional and impartial advice from the onset:

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