Holiday Injury Compensation Claims

For many of us, an annual holiday abroad is a must; relaxing by the pool, doing some site-seeing and getting involved in all things touristy.

While it may be stressful getting everything organised for the trip, we rarely think of things going wrong when we get there and having to make holiday accident compensation claim. After all, who thinks of having an accident abroad?

However, things can go wrong and while it isn’t too common, thousands of people do suffer after being injured on holiday-related accident every year.

Whether that’s being sick on holiday with food poisoning, an injury from a certain activity or a nasty fall in the hotel, there’s nothing worse than the hassle of an injury to spoil your week away.

Always make sure you have travel insurance before going away, just to be financially prepared should anything happen.

In this guide:

Types of Holiday Accidents

Holiday Accident in the European Union

Holiday Accident Outside the EU

Package Holiday Accident: What to Do

What to Do After an Injury Abroad

Making a Holiday Accident Claim


Types of Holiday Accidents

The type of injury you can get abroad depends on the type of holiday you go on. You may take your car abroad and have a non-fault accident that leaves you claiming for compensation, or

Here are some of the most common accidents and injuries abroad:

If you’ve had an accident abroad such as the ones listed above, or something different, then you may be entitled to holiday injury claims compensation. This could help cover any financial costs or other losses you may have incurred as a result of the accident.

Holiday Accident in the European Union

You may have had an accident a little closer to home in the EU, or you could even have had a holiday accident in the UK. If this is the case, the holiday accident claim will need to be made in the country you were in when the accident happened.

Don’t let this put you off, as our holiday claims solicitors can still help you at Cute Injury.

If you’ve had a non-fault road traffic accident while driving in the EU, whether you were driving your own car, a rented vehicle or on public transport, then we can help with your holiday car accident claim.

All European cars can be found easily, as stated in the 4th Motor Insurance Directive and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau will pay compensation in the event that the person at fault for the accident doesn’t have insurance in place, or if that person can’t be found. Again, we can help you with this.

Holiday Accident Outside the EU

For any accident that happens further afield, the holiday claim still needs to be made in the country you were in when the accident occurred.

While we can still help you with all of this, it is always more beneficial if you had as much information as possible. This includes:

  • Photos of the scene of the accident (showing what caused it, your injuries at the time, etc.).
  • Notes detailing everything that happened leading up to, during and after the accident.
  • Any medical documents or records you received while abroad (always ask for a copy).
  • Details of any witnesses if they are happy to – including name, address, contact number, email, etc.

In any type of personal injury accident, this information will always help strengthen your case. If you don’t have all the relevant information, then don’t worry, we can still help you.

Package Holiday Accident: What to Do

When booking a holiday, many people choose to have a package holiday, as they are convenient and hassle-free, as the travel agent has everything organised for you.

In any package holiday there are legal regulations that protect you, should anything happen.

If you were involved in an accident within the hotel complex or during an excursion included in the package holiday, the travel agent would be responsible for this, as it is their duty to ensure your safety.

Any accident that took place elsewhere, it may be that someone else is responsible.

What to Do After an Injury Abroad

First thing’s first with any type of accident; you must seek medical attention straight away if the incident and injury are severe.

Medical Attention

If it isn’t so severe, you should still see a medical professional as soon as possible, because if you decide to make a holiday compensation claim later on, you will need a copy of the medial report and it is better to do this as near to the accident happening as possible.

Report and Keep a Record

Report the accident as soon as it happens. You should do this to the travel agent’s representative in the hotel complex or the hotel management. If there is no representative, you can get in touch with the head office in the UK to report the incident. Ask for a copy of this if it is recorded in an accident book.

Travel Insurance

Contact your travel insurance company to report the accident. Different travel insurance companies have certain time limits within which you can report an injury or incident, so make sure you clarify this before you go on holiday, or just try to do it as soon as you can.


Take as many photos as possible of the place where the accident happened, what caused it and of your injuries. The more visual evidence you have, the stronger your holiday claims case will be. Make sure the date and time is also visible on the pictures.

Making a Holiday Accident Claim

When you arrive back home, your next step may be to make a holiday claim for compensation. This will help to cover:

  • Any medical treatment costs, transport fees or any other expenses you have incurred as a result of the accident.
  • Loss of earnings – if your accident is so serious that it leaves you unable to work.
  • Loss of holiday enjoyment – if your injury meant you had to stay in bed to recover.

These factors and their severity will always be taken into consideration when the injury lawyers are assessing your case and how much compensation should be awarded.

At Cute Injury, we can help you make a holiday accident injury claim. Our lawyers work on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that you do not have to pay anything if your case is unsuccessful.

If you’ve recently had an accident abroad, or within the last three years, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and one of our friendly advisors will be able to help you.

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