About Hit and Run Incidents

Road traffic accidents are always distressing for the people involved.  It is vital that all parties involved in an accident stop, at the very least to swap insurance details.  If you were injured in a traffic accident and the driver left the scene without stopping to help or leave contact details, it can feel even more intimidating.

If you have been injured in a road accident that wasn't your fault, you may well be able to make a personal injury compensation claim, even if the person responsible didn't leave their details.  However, you should bear in mind that these claims are processed differently.

How Hit and Run Claims are Dealt With

The first step is to try to trace the driver.  If the police successfully trace the driver who was responsible for your accident and the driver has valid insurance, then your personal injury claim will be processed as normal. However, if the police trace the driver and it turns out that they don't have valid insurance, your solicitor may be able to help you to submit a personal injury claim through the MIB (Motor Insurers Bureau) via something known as the Uninsured Driver Scheme.

In some cases, the police may not be able to trace the driver.  If this happens then your only option may be to contact the Motor Insurance Bureau to see if they can assist you in making a claim.  Some solicitors can only take on cases where the driver is untraced if you are a Trade Union member (or family member of one) through your Trade Union scheme.

How the Motor Insurers Bureau Can Help

The Motor Insurers Bureau is an organisation which specialises in helping members of the public who have been injured by untraced drivers.  As such, it is possible for you to go straight to the Motor Insurers Bureau rather than speak to your solicitor first. However, since the Motor Insurers Bureau's procedures may be extensive and convoluted, so it's recommended that you speak to your solicitor first, as they can advise you and guide you through the process.

As some solicitors will only be able to help you if you are a Trade Union member if the driver responsible for your accident was uninsured, you may need to go straight to the Motor Insurers Bureau.

Seeking Legal Advice

As is the case with all personal injury claims, you will need to be able to prove that the third party driver was responsible for your injury. This will usually mean gathering evidence and witnesses.  You should try to get the names and contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident.  Take photos of the accident scene if possible and document your injuries and medical treatments (remember to keep receipts of prescription and travel expenses if you wish to claim these). Also, in a hit and run incident, it is vital that you report the incident to the police immediately. For more information about how Cute Injury can help you, get in touch today.

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