Hair Damage Claims

Having damage done to your hair can be a traumatic experience, leading to poor self-esteem, social avoidance and anxiety.

Whether it was damage caused by an accident, such as when a hairdresser makes a mistake, or something more aggressive like a physical attack, hair damage is as much an injury as any other and you are entitled to a compensation award.

Types of Hair Damage

The most common type of hair damage is due to a negligent hairdresser.

When you relax into the hair salon, you are putting the care of your hair into someone’s hands – someone whom you believe to be a professional.

Unfortunately, that hairdresser could occasionally be less than an expert and cause harm to your hair and scalp.

Here are some of the common causes of hair damage:

Professional hairdressing negligence

Damaged hair from dye is a common problem. Failure to carry out a patch test, over-bleaching or mis-timing a treatment and leaving a solution in for far longer than it should be can result in serious damage to hair, including:

  • Hair loss
  • Hair breakage
  • Damage to hair follicles
  • Hair thinning
  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Allergic reactions
  • Dermatitis
  • A burning scalp
  • Itchiness
  • Rashes

These problems can also occur at home when there is a defect with a home hair-dye kit – in these cases, the manufacturer of the home kit could very well be liable.

If you have used a particular product due to poor advice from a hair salon, they could be liable for that advice, and again there would be grounds for a compensation claim for the damaged hair.

Accidents at the hairdressers

In addition to faults for which the hairdresser’s professionalism comes into question, there are also other accidents that can occur at a hair salon which could cause serious damage to your hair.

One example of this might be your hair setting fire – while incidents such as this are rare, it can happen and if it does while you are in the care of a hair salon, you can claim against their insurance.


If you are the victim of a hair injury due to an assault, you are well within your rights to claim compensation from your attacker – even if there is only mild damage to your hair.

The Effects of Hair Injury

In addition to the visible impact from the common symptoms of hair damage, having your hair damaged can cause physical pain and psychological distress.

Many people find themselves asking questions such as ‘will I go bald?’ or ‘what will people think when they see me?’. Embarrassment, loss of confidence and a low mood are common when there has been a hair injury and may lead to a more significant condition.

Hair damage compensation amounts take into account this psychological effect as well as any dermatological damage caused to hair and scalp.

How to Make a Hair Damage Compensation Claim

There are many reasonable questions regarding hair damage, ranging from ‘can you sue a hairdresser for damaging your hair?’ and ‘what about for poor advice from the hair salon?’ to the more direct ‘how much?’ and ‘what are the payout amounts?’

At Cute Injury we are experts in making compensation claims for all manner of personal injury. We have all the answers to your questions and can work with you to make a No Win No Fee hair damage claim that gets you the compensation you deserve.

Remember, that making a claim against a hairdresser or hair salon should not be thought as a personal attack on them. As a business, they will have liability insurance that is in place to cover situations like this, and the largest impact it should have on the business itself is a slightly higher insurance premium in subsequent years.

As a victim of hair damage, you deserve all the compensation you are entitled to and shouldn’t hold back from making a claim out of a friendly concern for the salon.

If you have had an allergic reaction to hair dye at home, we can help you build a case against the manufacturer of the hair dye, getting you the pay-out you deserve.

Keeping records

It is very important that you keep complete records of your hair injury experience, with a library of photographic evidence detailing the damage.

If you have any serious damage to your scalp you should seek medical advice immediately and keep a copy of those records too.

No Win No Fee

At Cute Injury, we believe that everyone is entitled to professional representation when making a compensation claim.

Our No Win No Fee structure means you don’t have to worry about money during any step of the process – when the case is won, we are paid through a small percentage of the final compensation, and should no award be given, you are not left with any sort of bill for our services.

There are no hidden fees or complicated small print – we work for you to get the best result possible and have a dedicated team of professionals to help you, assess the case and take it to court with the minimum level of fuss.

Hair damage compensation amounts

The amount of money awarded in hair and scalp damage claims differs greatly on the severity of the injury and the overall psychological effect.

Temporary damage: From £500 to £6,000

Temporary damage includes hair loss, baldness and scalp conditions which recover in a reasonable time.

Permanent damage: From £5,000 to £9,000

Permanent damage covers any scarring or permanent hair loss as well as scalp conditions which need to be managed consistently going forward.

These compensation payout figures for damage to hair are based on the Judicial College's payout guidelines. Please note that they are just guidelines and each case is assessed uniquely, so the final value of compensation could end up being more or less than the figures above - depending on all circumstances of your case.

At Cute Injury, we will do our utmost to secure the largest award possible for you.

What isn’t covered

If your hair damage has been caused by your own fault – for not following given instructions, ignoring advice, or choosing to ‘fix’ a poor haircut at home, then you will be unable to claim for compensation.

Additionally, if you were previously aware of an allergy that you failed to disclose that led to the hair damage, there would be no grounds for a claim.

If you are in any doubt regarding the likelihood of a pay-out, or if you want to make a claim for a hair-related injury, call Cute Injury today.

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