Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Although pain in your shoulders can be extremely sore, most cases go away on their own within about two weeks. If your shoulder pain does not subside after two weeks, you should seek medical advice.  However, in the meantime, there are methods of treating your shoulder pain at home. You can take painkillers, apply topical treatments and perhaps most importantly, begin a regime of simple exercises to help strengthen your shoulder area and prevent injuries from occurring in future.


Paracetamol and Ibuprofen can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies and supermarkets and these should help you to go about your daily activities with more comfort. If you find that your normal painkillers aren’t as effective against your shoulder pain, try acetaminophen.  Acetaminophen is also available over the counter but it works differently from other painkillers by diminishing your brain’s ability to perceive pain. Most of the time, it is not advised to take painkillers before exercise as they can mask warning pains that alert you to injury. However, if you’re suffering from shoulder pain, taking your painkillers before performing strenuous daily activities may mean you experience less discomfort. Take the painkillers half an hour before engaging in the activity, but be careful not to overwork or strain your muscles.

Ice Treatments

Applying ice to the affected area may help alleviate symptoms. Apply the ice pack to the area of pain and leave it in place for twenty minutes.  Now remove the ice pack for ninety minutes.  You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like but never apply ice for more than 20 minutes as this can cause further damage.


Door Press Stand in a doorway, leaning against the door jamb with both arms positioned slightly above your head. Lean forward slowly until you feel a stretch in the front of your shoulders. Hold for 15 – 30 seconds. Perform 3 repetitions. (Note: do NOT perform this exercise if you have a shoulder impingement).

Pendulum Stand by a chair with your hand resting on the back. Let your other arm drop down and allow it to swing gently backwards and forwards and around in a circular motion. Perform 5 repetitions, 3 times a day.

Door Press 1 Position yourself in a doorway with your elbow bent at ninety degrees and your wrist touching the jamb. Try to push your arm outwards as though you were trying to push the door frame aside. Hold for 5 seconds and perform 10 repetitions on each side. Beginning from the same position, but with your palm facing the door jamb, push towards the door frame. Hold for 5 seconds and perform 10 repetitions on each side.

Shoulder Stretches Slowly and gently stretch out your shoulders. Raise your shoulders squeezing them up towards your ears. Now, squeeze your shoulder blades together pressing them backwards. Finally, push your shoulders down, lowering them as much as possible. Hold each stretch for 5 seconds and repeat the sequence ten times.

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