Dental negligence compensation claims

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Dental and orthodontist negligence claims can be separated into three leading categories; misdiagnosis or an inability to act, the dental practitioner's strategy is deficient, and a dental practitioner is injudicious.

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Misdiagnosis and deferments in referral can cause further problems such as tooth contamination and infection.

In the event that a dental specialist neglects to effectively diagnose a condition, it might prompt the wrong, or no treatment, being administered. This can cause further damage and suffering. For instance, when gum disease like gingivitis isn't dealt with properly it can eventually cause teeth to fall out.

Despite being in charge of your own personal hygiene, gum disease should be detected via x rays and regular dental appointments. If your dental specialist fails to diagnose an issue then they may have been negligent in their duty of care.

If a patient has been going to regular appointments with a dental specialist, and their dentist neglected to recognize or legitimately treat the initial onset of periodontal illness, then compensation may be eligible.


Inadequate dental technique

Dental procedures to enhance or rebuild destroyed teeth comprise of veneers, crowns, implants, bridges and tooth-coloured fillings. If performed correctly, these treatments should stay intact for several years however, if a dentist fails to use the appropriate techniques necessary for the procedure, the treatment will likely fail.
Prior to treatment, it is required for dentists to assess their patients and analyze the degree of any damages. An appropriate procedure for treatment can then be established. Dental patients should be informed of any potential risks as well as the advantages of each procedure.
It can be distressing and agonizing when a dental procedure fails. In addition, failure of a restorative dental procedure can inflict both financial and psychological damages. These losses can be brought to light in a dental negligence personal injury claim.

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Careless treatment

A dental practitioner might take out a perfectly fine tooth by accident, or harm teeth nearby the one being extricated. It is also not unusual for an excessive number of teeth to be taken out.

Sometimes, teeth are just halfway removed abandoning a portion of the root inside the jaw, prompting later complications.

Where a dental practitioner neglects to get rid of the entire root or to fill the canal adequately in root canal treatment, a patient might be left with a continuous toothache or serious infections in the jaw.

How to claim for dentist or orthodontist negligence with Cute Injury

Dental specialists have an obligation of care toward their patients, but that doesn’t mean anyone who is hurt may make a claim.

Claimants must be able to illustrate that the dental treatment they received was the reason for their injury.

An independent medical examination will be organized by your solicitor in order to prove that your injuries were inflicted by the carelessness of your dentist or orthodontist.

How much compensation can I claim for dental negligence?

The calculation of your compensation will rely on the nature and seriousness of the injuries you have suffered. The calculation of the final amount will also take into consideration the effect the injuries have had on your personal and professional life.

For additional information regarding how your dental negligence claim could be calculated, use Cute Injury’s claim calculator or call a specialist on 08000 10 60 66.

No Win No Fee dental negligence claims with Cute Injury

The start of a No Win No Fee claim consists of the injured Claimant and solicitor signing a Conditional Fee Agreement (otherwise known as a CFA).

The Conditional Fee Agreement outlines the terms and conditions between the solicitor and Claimant and is the only type of No Win No Fee* arrangement that is permitted for the majority of cases. It is epitomised by a success fee, a percentage that will be deducted from your compensation award, if the case is successful.

Cute Injury aim to be transparent when it comes to fees so you won’t have to be wary of hidden costs and can concentrate on recovering from your injury.

Next Steps

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CALL US FREE ON 08000 10 60 66 or use our CLAIM CALCULATOR

Cute Injury can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch with us today

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