Common Causes of Slip, Trip or Fall Accidents

Slips, Trips and falls account for over a third of all the injuries reported each year, so are extremely common. They are also the most common form of workplace injuries according to the Health and Safety Executive - leading to thousands of employees having to take time off work every year.

These accidents are so common because they can be caused by a variety of different factors - badly maintained floors, lack of signposts when cleaning, unsuitable footwear, obstacles in walkways and so on. If an injury is sustained following an accident that was caused by any of the above factors, then a claim for compensation can be made. Slip, Trip or fall accidents typically occur in three places: at work, on privately-owned premises (e.g. supermarket) or out on the street.

Causes of Slipping Accidents

Slip accidents can be very serious, with 95% of major slip incidents resulting in broken bones. Some of the main causes of a slip that resulted in an injury are: 

Wet floor after cleaning or from a spillage 
Oil on the floor which was not signposted 
Ice and/or snow on the ground which should have been cleared 
Slippery substances like food left on the floor
Slippery flooring which hasn't been made slip resistant 
Incorrect or unsuitable footwear for a slippery surface

Causes of Tripping Accidents

Tripping over is usually caused be hazardous obstacles being in a walkway that should have been cleared. Common causes of trips include: Obstacles in public walkways e.g. such as bags or work equipment Trailing wires falling across walkways Uneven floors or unexpected objects in poorly lit areas Steps which are poorly signposted - all it can take is one small step that you were not expecting Uneven stairs can make it much more difficult to climb them, which can result in a nasty accident Lack of handrails on stairs Poorly maintained flooring, e.g. gaps in flooring, curled up rug or carpet corners or uneven paving slabs

Causes of Fall Accidents

Falls from height, like on a construction site or when working on scaffolding, can result in very serious injuries. Some common causes of fall accidents include: Roof repairs e.g. falling through a fragile roof Gutter repairs which can lead to falling from unstable ladders Window cleaning which can lead to falling from unstable ladders or a harness Maintenance of tall machinery which can lead to falling from unstable ladders or from the actual machinery Putting up displays which can cause falling from a chair or stepladders Loading/unloading vehicles can cause a fall from a loading bay or from inside the vehicle Stacking high shelves which can lead to falls from stepladders.

Common Injuries caused by Slips, Trips and Falls

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), injuries from slips, trips and falls account for around 40% of all the major injuries at work each year, and approximately half of all non-fatal injuries to the public. Injuries from falls account for about 42 percent of all major work injuries each year, as well as half of all non-fatal injuries to the public, according to statistics supplied by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). Some of the most common injuries from falls include sprains, cuts, bruises, broken bones, back injuries and head/brain injuries.

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