Claiming Compensation for Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

The days when cosmetic surgery was just for the rich, glamorous and famous have passed, and cosmetic surgery has become affordable enough that many thousands of people in the UK have plastic surgery every year – over 25,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2017 for women alone.

Unfortunately, the increase in demand for cosmetic surgery also means an increase in practitioners and not all of those are as high-quality and professional as they claim.

Cosmetic surgery complaints in the UK are increasingly more commonplace and, if you have been the victim of poor cosmetic surgery, making a cosmetic surgery compensation claim for damages is really the only response you can have.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure, but it is an elective procedure, meaning you choose to do it rather than having to go forward for health reasons.

It encompasses any procedure or surgery done which is there to change the structure, appearance, texture or colouring of a part of your body, where your perception is that the outcome would be to improve that area.

The following are all examples of cosmetic surgery procedures that have previously resulted in cosmetic negligence claims:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Face lift
  • Brow lift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Nose job
  • Botox injections
  • Dermal lip fillers
  • Plastic surgery
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Cosmetic dentistry

Can I sue my plastic surgeon?

If your cosmetic surgery has gone wrong, then you are entitled to make a claim for clinical negligence.

Medical professionals, including your plastic surgeon, have a duty of care to you which means they must ensure that no harm comes to their patients.

If you believe that their duty of care to you has been broken, then contacting cosmetic surgery solicitors, like our No Win No Fee lawyers at Cute Injury, to initiate a claim should be your next move.

What are the problems with cosmetic surgery claims?

When claiming for cosmetic surgery malpractice, a lot of the problems that come up are to do with the subjective nature of attractiveness and beauty.

While it is understood that the patient has come to the medical practice with the intention of improving their physical looks, when the patient and the surgeon disagree on whether that aim has been achieved, it must be down to the court to make a decision.

It is also sometimes the case that the practitioner has used advertising and images in documentation that have given an unrealistic impression of what outcomes are achievable, meaning that you have been misled to take treatment and misinformed regarding its probable outcome. In this case, filing for compensation is likely to be successful.

It takes an experienced clinical negligence lawyer, like those that make up the Cute Injury team, to navigate the complicated waters of these subjective arguments to manage a successful outcome.

The more evidence that can be provided in plastic surgery cases, the more likely claiming for cosmetic surgery will lead to a successful financial award. Always be sure to include well-documented photographs detailing the surgery and any issues present.

What problems with my cosmetic surgery can I claim for?

If you are a victim of a failed or otherwise damaging cosmetic surgery procedure, then you are able to make a claim for the following financial compensation:

  • Compensation for emotional and psychological damage
  • Costs to correct the failed procedure
  • Loss of earnings
  • Cost of care
  • Expenses related to the case

Who is liable to pay my cosmetic surgery claims costs?

Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery claims can be complicated with the exact negligence either due to a practitioner breach of regulations or because of a problem with the products being used.

In the latter case, the cosmetic company may find themselves paying for compensation for injuries or loss.

Of course, neither the practitioner nor the cosmetic company are usually willing to accept blame for any problems, and delays and confusion are inevitable.

Unfortunately, plastic surgery malpractice stories which end badly for the claimant due to an inexperienced legal team are too common. At Cute Injury, we have the experts needed to make sure that the deeper legal issues that exist within your claim are properly untangled and that liability is pursued correctly.

Ultimately, it should be remembered that companies have business liability insurance in place to protect both the practitioner and the cosmetic companies, no matter how large.

There is often a level of guilt for victims of negligence where they believe that by claiming for compensation, they will put a small business or practitioner out of business.

This is little more than a myth, and liability insurance will cover all of the compensation award and legal costs for the defendant – the worst that can happen is an increase in their annual insurance premium.

How do I make a cosmetic surgery claim?

Call Cute Injury today! We operate on a No Win No Fee basis because we want everyone, no matter their financial situation, to have professional and experienced legal representation.

Under the No Win No Fee agreement, we will charge you nothing until the case is completed successfully. There are no hidden fees, or complicated small print. Our solicitors will work to their finest in order to secure the greatest financial outcome possible.

If you know someone who has been badly affected by poorly executed cosmetic surgery, please share this article with them via social media – they may be too embarrassed to want a direct conversation, but by gently presenting them with this article you will give them the help and support that they may need to improve their life and rectify any mistakes that have left them withdrawn and unhappy.

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