We're currently working our way through all the data regarding the reported injuries in the English Premier League over the past five seasons (2009-10 through to 2013-14). We’ve recorded a host of injury data for every Premier League team that was in the Premier League for each of the past five seasons – between the 09/10 and 13/14 seasons (Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Stoke and Sunderland). Following our detailed analysis of Arsenal's injury record, we now turn our attention to that of Chelsea...

Chelsea injury record - key findings:

In total over the past five seasons (09/10 to 13/14) Chelsea has suffered 126 different injuries. That averages out at 25.2 injuries per season – or around 2 a month. Number of injuries per season: chelsea-injuries

Total lost playing time – 166 months

Over the past five seasons, Chelsea have lost a total of 166 months of playing time because of injuries – which amounts to almost 14 years. To put it another way, every season the Chelsea squad loses an average of 2.8 years of potential playing time to injuries.

Player out for the longest

Jose Bosingwa is out, injured for a total of 15 months Thanks to a knee injury that kept him out for a whole year back in 2009, Portuguese right-back Jose Bosingwa tops the list of Chelsea players that have been out injured the longest in the past five seasons – with a total of 15 months on the sidelines. Michael Essien comes in a close second with 13 months spent on the treatment table, thanks mostly to a long layoff in 2011 with a knee injury.    

Player with the most injuries

John Terry Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images Although he has never been out for longer than three months at a time, defensive linchpin and club captain John Terry has clocked up the most injuries in the past five seasons. Terry has suffered a total of 10 separate injuries since the 09/10 season – an average of 2 each season. The central defender is most prone to knee injuries, and has also suffered ankle, back, neck, stomach and rib injuries in the past five seasons: John terry Chelsea injuries

Position with the most injuries

Chelsea’s defenders suffer the most injuries, with 53 in the past five seasons (just over 10 a season) That works out at almost a third of all Chelsea’s 166 injuries since 09/10. Chelsea injuries by position

Most common type of injury

Knee injuries are by far the most common injury to affect Chelsea players. Over the past five seasons, they have suffered a total of 38 different knee injuries, more than twice as many as the second most common injury (hamstring – 18). That's over 7 different knee injuries every season! chelsea types of injury

Most common injury per position

Goalkeepers The most common form of injury for Chelsea's goalkeepers over the past five seasons has been groin injuries (2) Defenders Chelsea's defenders have been most susceptible to knee injuries (16) Midfielders The midfielders have also been most susceptible to knee injuries (14) Forwards Knee injuries are also the most common form of injury for Chelsea's forwards (7).

Most serious injury

Unsurprisingly, knee injuries have been the most serious injury in terms of player absence – with players out for a total of 72 months. In comparison, hamstring injuries have led to just 20.5 months of player absence. chelsea serious injury

Most common time of injury

The most common months for Chelsea players to get injured are April and December, with 17 injuries occurring in each. chelsea injuries by month

Get the data

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