Beauty Treatment Compensation Claims

Yearly, millions of individuals undergo non-invasive and surgical procedures to enhance the way they look. Some will go to extreme lengths to accomplish their cosmetic goals and sadly, some beauty treatments can cause unexpected injuries.

Although there have been substantial improvements in recent years within the beauty sector, a large section of the industry is still left unregulated. It is the duty of beauty salons, nail bars, and hairdressers to ensure the provision of a service that centres on a great standard of care to their clients.

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Common Risks of Beauty Treatments

Due to the immense popularity of the beauty industry, a colossal variety of beauty treatments has been made available for people who seek cosmetic changes. However, not all people are aware of the dangers of certain beauty treatments, such as:

  • Burns due to chemical peels
  • Bikini line injuries due to waxing
  • Laser hair removal injuries
  • Hair dye burns
  • Semi-permanent makeup injuries
  • Eyelash dyeing or extensions
  • Hair colouring and tinting

Health and Safety Legislation in the Beauty Industry

The process of these beauty treatments should be explained to clients before they take place. If they are not, then clients should always ask about the procedure and the risks in advance of receiving the treatment. Before your treatment you should try to establish if;

  • The individual is a registered nurse for surgical procedures
  • The salon has certificates
  • A portfolio of work can be accessed
  • Whether after-care service will be provided
  • Check-ups will be offered by the professional
  • Health and Safety guidelines have been followed

Salons are obliged to explain any possible risks related to the beauty treatment during the pre-treatment consultation. If the salon fails to make you aware of the risks or offer you a consultation then this could lead to injuries caused by negligent behaviour.


If you have suffered an injury during a beauty procedure it's likely your therapist may have been negligent, contact us today and we will be happy to confirm if you do have a case for a no win no fee compensation claim.

What kind of evidence do I need to make a claim for Beauty Treatment Injury?

If possible, photographic evidence of the beauty treatment injuries sustained will be preferable.  It is important that you note the time and date of the beauty treatment and, if possible, the name of the therapist who carried out the treatment.

List any allergic reactions, especially if a member of staff failed to do a patch test/consultation before the product was applied and the procedure carried out. Keep a record of any medical treatment that you needed to receive as a result of your injuries as these may help your claim.  

Loss of earnings, expenses for travel, any prescription charges and the cause of pain and suffering as a result of the injury may also be claimed back.

For more information on this read our Personal Injury Claims Payout Guide.

How Cute Injury can help

If you have suffered an injury during or after receiving a beauty treatment due to a salon/ therapists negligence, Cute Injury will be able to provide you with the best advice on achieving a successful claim. Call us for more information.  

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Cute Injury can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch with us today

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