Toe injuries are quite a common form of personal injury and can be caused by a variety of different accidents. It is not always immediately apparent who may have been at fault following a toe injury, so it is important to consult a claims specialist if you think you have have suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else.

Different types of toe injury

Although they are relatively small, the toes can be injured in a variety of different ways. Some common toe injuries include:

  • Fractured toes
  • Crushed toes
  • Amputations

Fractured toe injury claims

One of the most common forms of toe injury is a fractured or broken toe. These can be caused by impact accidents (e.g. road traffic and pedestrian accidents), crush injuries (e.g. accidents at work), trips, slips and falls (e.g. on poorly maintained pathways). There are several different forms of fracture which describe the severity of the injury, some examples include:

  • Hairline fracture
  • Simple fracture
  • Displaced fracture


Crushed toe injury claims

As well as causing fractures and broken toes, crush-type accidents can also lead to damage to tendons, ligaments and soft tissue - and can also cause burst injuries. In some cases crush injuries can cause so much pain throughout the foot and result in such severe damage that the toes have to be amputated.

Amputated toe claims

When a toe injury is very severe it can lead to the toe(s) effectively becoming useless, which can result in gangrene setting in. If this goes on to spread to healthy parts of the body it can cause serious problems, so in these cases amputation is needed. An amputation can either be complete or partial. A partial amputation involved removing only a part of the toe (e.g. from the tip of the toe to the knuckle). A full amputation would see the whole of the toe removed. In terms of function and balance, the big toes is seen as the most important toe - so if this toe has to be amputated it is considered to be a 'serious' foot injury and the likely compensation payout will reflect that. For more information regarding how much compensation you could be entitled to, use our personal injury calculator.

Make a toe injury claim today...

If you have suffered a toe injury as a result of someone else's negligence, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Contact Cute Injury today for professional and impartial advice from the outset:

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