What is Payment Protection Miss-selling?

Everyone has probably heard an advert on the TV or Radio, years ago the selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was not as regulated as it is now and many people were miss-sold, now the banks have had to put money to one side to cover claims for miss selling.

I have Claimed already? does this mean I cannot claim again?

Not necessarily, in some cases you might be able to claim more compensation back, this is not guaranteed but Cute Injury can provide you with a free no obligation service to see if you could get more compensation.

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Are there any Upfront Fees?

No, Cute Injury does not charge you nor do its partners any upfront fees for their service

What happens now that I cancelled my old Policy? Do I need a new one?

That is up to you, but Payment Protection is an important product and you never can tell what will happen in the future with your health and employment, if you think you need replacement cover contact our partners Quick Quote Life, they will be happy to provide a free no obligation quotation 


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