Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

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Medical Negligence

Medical negligence can cause lasting damage, but Cute Injury are here to help. Those who work in the medical profession have a 'duty of care' to ensure their patients receive the correct treatment in a proper manner. In the majority of cases, medical professionals carry out their work to a high standard - however, sometimes mistakes do happen and patients can suffer as a result.

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Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

If someone feels they have incurred an injury due to the actions (or lack of actions) of a doctor, nurse, surgeon, dentist, or an anesthetist then they may be liable to make a medical negligence claim (also known as a 'clinical negligence claim').

Types of Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence is a broad term that covers a number of different medical errors or sub-standard treatment. In practice, medical negligence can mean;

  • Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis which leads to complications or a deterioration of the patient's condition
  • Surgical errors that cause unnecessary pain or scarring
  • Neglect, or a lack of treatment which leads to a deterioration of the patient's condition
  • Complications or side effects caused by medication errors (including anesthetic)
  • Injuries to a mother or child during childbirth (birth injury claims).
  • How much compensation would I receive?

  The compensation amounts that you can receive following a successful medical negligence (clinical negligence) claim depend on many factors. To find out more get in touch using the buttons below or use our claims calculator.

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