What is a Will and Testament?

This is a legal declaration made by a person - called the testator - in which they nominate one or more people to manage all or part of their estate, and to declare how their assets are to distributed after their death.

Different types of Will

There are several different types of Will, including:

  • Nuncupative - these Wills are spoken aloud and dictated, and are now limited to sailors and military personnel out of necessity
  • Holographic - these are Wills written in the handwriting of the testator
  • Self-proved - these are in solemn form and include affidavits of witnesses
  • Notarial - these are Wills in public form
  • Mystic - Wills that are sealed and not revealed until the death of the testator
  • Serviceman's Will - the Will of someone still in active military service. These usually lack the conventions and formalities of traditional Wills, due to the nature of their creation.
  • Reciprocal - also known as 'mirror', 'mutual' or 'husband and wife wills', these are identical Wills making the same provisions for each other

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