If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an eye injury through the negligence of another person or entity such as an employer or local authority, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. An injury to either or both eyes can be severely debilitating, and can lead to long term problems for the victim - from blurred or impaired vision to complete blindness in one or both eyes.

Average Payouts for Eye Injury Compensation*

  • Transient Eye Injuries: £1,760 - £3,150
  • Minor Eye Injuries: £3,150 - £6,960
  • Complete Loss of Sight in One Eye: £7,270 - £43,710
  • Total Loss of One Eye: £43,710 - £52,360
  • Loss of Sight in One Eye with Reduced Vision in the Remaining Eye: £50,970 - £143,270 
  • Total Blindness: In the region of £214,210
  • Total Blindness and Deafness: In the region of £322,060

Different Types of Eye Injury

The eye is an extremely complex organ, and as such it can be damaged in a variety of different ways. The parts of the eye that are most commonly injured are:

The cornea, iris and pupil

These are all part of the 'front' of your eye and function together to regulate the level of light that enters the eye and reaches the lens.

The lens

This receives the light that passes through the front of the eye and focuses it onto the retina. Muscles surrounding the lens help to shape it and alter how the light is focused.

The retina

This is a photosensitive nerve at the back of the eye - meaning it reacts to the light that it receives by creating electrical signals that are passed through the optical nerve to the brain for processing.

The optical nerve

This runs from the back of the eye to the brain and carries information from the retina. If any of these important parts of the eye are injured, then the functionality of the eye can be compromised and the victim's sight will be damaged - sometimes irreparably.

Common Causes of Eye Injuries

There are many different causes of eye injuries, some of the most common include:

Eye injuries can vary in severity depending on the specific circumstances. For some, the result can be mild irritation and short-term impairment, but for others an eye injury can lead to lasting damage - from partial vision loss to complete blindness.

Make an Eye Injury Compensation Claim...

If you have suffered an eye injury following an accident that wasn't your fault, then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Your compensation award will be determined by the severity of the injury, the level of pain and suffering it has caused, and the amount of financial losses you have incurred as a result of the accident - which could be treatment and rehabilitation costs as well as lost earnings. To learn more, get in touch with Cute Injury today for professional and impartial advice from the outset:

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*Average payout Information is taken from the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases -14th Edition. Please note these figures are for guidance only. Actual compensation may be outside of numbers stated.

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