The majority of dog bite injuries in the UK are caused by pet dogs in domestic incidents, but dog bites can also happen to those at work, for example, community service workers like postal workers, nurses, childminders and other utility workers. As many dog bite incidents tend to go unreported, it is difficult to estimate exactly how many happen each year. It is clear, though, that children tend to be most at risk of suffering a dog bite - with around 20% of those requiring hospital treatment following a dog bite being aged 9 or under. Recent amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 came into effect in May 2014, which increased the penalties to dog owners if they fail to control their dogs' behavior. Despite this though, dog bites are still a common cause of injury in the UK - with many leading to serious and long-lasting injuries.

What are the different types of injuries caused by dog bites?

Dog attacks or bites can have a horrific impact on the physical and emotional health of the victim. Victims of dog attacks not only suffer pain from the direct injuries but can also suffer long-term fear and mental trauma. Because of their random nature, any part of the body can be injured by a dog bite - and in some cases, the injuries can be life-threatening, especially those occurring to small children.

Making a dog bite compensation claim...

If you or a family member has suffered from a dog bite then you could be entitled to make a dog bite compensation claim. The first thing you must do is to seek medical attention and report the attack to local police with the information about the dog owner or any witnesses at the time of the incident. If possible, you should also consider taking photos of the injuries and of the dog responsible as these could help your claim later on. Once you have received medical attention you should contact a claims specialist who will help you make your claim for compensation. You may be able to file a compensation for:

  • Pain and trauma caused by the injury
  • Loss of income due to an absence from work
  • Your medical treatment expenses and any rehabilitation costs
  • Any psychological treatment required following the incident

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