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What is the Crash Mate app?

Crash Mate is a mobile phone application that makes it easy for people to record all the information following a car accident. It's easy to get flustered after a road traffic accident, and the state of shock can mean you forget everything you've been told to do - like take photos of the scene, get the other parties vehicle and insurance details, approach any witnesses for their details and so on. The Crash Mate app helps with all of that, providing a simple to use interface to help you record everything you need there and then. The app also includes a geo-location tracker so you can pinpoint and record exactly where the accident took place, as well as a voice recording system allowing you to record any conversations with the other driver and/or witnesses - evidence that can be crucial in the event of a liability dispute. You can also quickly take pictures and videos using the app, which are saved along with all the other information regarding the accident.

How can I get the app?

Crash Mate is available on all Android and iPhone smartphones, and is a free download. Download it now using the below links: Crash Mate on Google Play Crash Mate on iTunes  

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