Here at Cute Injury our personal injury specialists have vast experience in dealing with a wide range of different claims that arise from a variety of different places. Our corporate team mostly deals with personal injury claims arising from either accidents at work or industrial diseases

Accidents at work

These can be anything from slip and trip claims to road traffic accidents. If you are injured at work due to the negligence of your employer, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim for personal injury. Employer's negligence could be in the form of not providing you with the correct protective clothing or work equipment. You could even pursue a claim if your injury was as a result of your employer not providing adequate safety training. To find out more about how Cute Injury can help you make a compensation claim for an accident at work injury, get in touch today using the options below: [su_button url="Start your claim [su_button url="Contact us [su_button url="Request a call back Fore more information about Accidents a Work, read our useful guides and resources:
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Industrial Disease

As well as accidents at work, injury compensation claims can also be made for industrial diseases. These are common for people who work with hazardous chemicals and substances while at work. To find out more about how Cute Injury can help you make a compensation claim for industrial disease, get in touch today using the options below:

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