Why planning for care home fees is so important...

Most of us don't plan ahead with the thought that one day we may need to go into a care home, although a lot of us simply need to be in a care home. Due to this, planning to pay care home fees never really gets included in our future financial planning. However, with the cost of care rising all the time and the length of time people are required to be in a care also increasing, it's no surprise that there are more and more people becoming worried about how they will meet their own and their family's future potential care home fees.

Most people end up having to pay their care home fees with their life savings, but even if savings are available it is rarely a popular choice. Why should you have to save all your working life as well as pay taxes etc... and then have to use that money to pay for care rather than pass on to your family? This is why planning for care home fees is so important.

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