Ankle Injury Compensation

Ankle injuries happen when the ankle joint is moved outside of its normal range of movements. This can be caused by twisting, rotating or rolling the ankle too far. There are many causes of ankle injuries, including:


Ankle injuries are very common in sports - with sudden acceleration or deceleration, rapidly changing direction and running over uneven ground all potential causes.


Walking over uneven ground or uneven pavements can lead to unexpected ankle injuries.


Wearing high heels can not only strain the tendons in ankles but can also be the cause of twisted ankles as the wearer is, due to an altered centre of gravity, less stable. Loose fitting sandals or clogs can also be the cause of ankle injuries.

Road traffic accidents

Ankles can suffer severe damage in car crashes due to the trauma caused by a sudden impact.

Ankle Injuries Average Payout Amounts*

  • Very severe: £39,910 - £55,560
  • Severe: £24,950 - £39,910
  • Moderate: £10,960 - £21,200
  • Modest injuries: Up to £10,960

Different Types of Injury

The ankle is a complex joint made up of numerous ligaments and tendons. The tibia and fibula bones meet the talus bone in the ankle, so there are a lot of ligaments and tendons holding these bones in place. A break to the bones is called a fracture.

A sprain refers to ligament damage, which happens when the ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range of movement. A sprain can be anything from small microscopic tears in the ligament fibres to a complete rupture.

A strain describes damage to muscles and tendons which have been stretched too far. In the ankle, there are two tendons, the peroneal tendons, which help to stabilize the ankle. These tendons can become inflamed due to trauma or overuse, which can cause tears in the tendons. These tears can either be acute or microscopic.

Acute tears are caused by the sudden trauma of force.

Microscopic tears in themselves are not serious but they can accumulate over time as a result of being repeatedly overstretched. This can lead to a condition known as tendinosis (also known as 'chronic tendonitis). Tendons can also rupture or slip out of place.

Make an Ankle Injury Compensation Claim...

Ankle injuries can have a seriously detrimental effect on our lives and so many everyday tasks that we take for granted like just walking about your house can become a real problem. If the cause of that injury is due to the negligence of another you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. To find out more and for professional and impartial advice from the outset, get in touch with Cute Injury:

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*Information is taken from Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases – 14th Edition. Please note that these figures are for guidance only and the compensation that you receive may be outside of these guidelines.

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