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UK Tour operator Thomas Cook has been forced to settle a six-figure compensation claim for damages after a group of 26 holidaymakers were alleged to have suffered gastric symptoms which were so severe their health was seriously compromised as a direct result.

All 26 claimants were said to have gone down with life-threatening gastric symptoms – including reported cases of E.coli – whilst staying at an Egyptian hotel run by Thomas Cook, which led to more than £100,000 being paid-out in personal injury claims brought against the travel firm.

The pay-out awarded after the claimants sought the professional help and legal representation of a personal injury solicitors was said to have been in relation to the pain and suffering caused by the rigours of food poisoning together with associated losses.

Dating back to July 2012, the claimants were all staying at Hurghada’s four-star Sindbad Aqua Park hotel resort when they were struck down with what was later diagnosed by health experts as being a particularly violent gastric bug.

One of the leading voices of concern was that of Roxanne Barraclough of Blackpool, who was said to have witnessed chicken being served to the guests at the time as being perceivably ‘undercooked’; and which resulted in her stopping eating it then and there.

Unfortunately the damage had already been done, as it had with her partner and 7-year old daughter, both of whom had fallen ill just three days into their holiday. On Barraclough’s return to the UK she was subsequently admitted to hospital complaining of extreme kidney pain, with medical evidence later establishing that the claimant had contracted E.coli.

The specialist personal injury solicitor who took on Barraclough’s case highlighted after the ruling in favour of their client that, and we quote; ‘Thomas Cook had a duty of care to Roxanne and her family and the 23 other holidaymakers to ensure they experienced a safe and enjoyable trip to the Sindbad Aqua Park Hotel.’

As it happened, Thomas Cook eventually admitted liability and complied with compensation demands from the injured parties involved.

For its part, a Thomas Cook spokesperson told The Sun newspaper (who first broke the story) that health and safety issues were treated by the tour operator with ‘utmost importance’ and apologized again on behalf of the company.

Speaking with the newspaper Thomas Cook went on record as saying; “We know how important holidays are to our customers and how upsetting it can be when they fall unwell while overseas.”

A spokesperson went on to add; “We have been liaising closely with the appointed solicitor representing Ms Barraclough, as well as other customers who stayed at the hotel in 2012, and are pleased that we have reached an agreement to resolve this matter amicably with them.”

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