Did you know that motorcyclists account for nearly 20% of all deaths on UK roads - despite only amounting to 1% of the total traffic on UK roads. There are 30 deaths or injuries EVERY DAY involving motorcyclists, and a massive 60% of all motorcycle accidents that happen in London are actually caused by car drivers or pedestrians.

So if you are a motorcyclist, it is crucial to take responsibility for your own safety on the roads. To help, read our top tips for motorcycle safety...

When are motorcycle accidents most likely?

You may think that winter is the most dangerous time for motorcyclists, what with the wet and slippery roads and treacherous weather. But in actual fact motorbike accidents are more likely in the summer. The simple reason for this is that in the summer months there are a lot more motorbikes on the road, as riders look to take advantage of the sunny weather and brighter evenings.

Top safety tips for bikers

    • Always ride defensively
    • Always maintain a safe spot on the road to maximise your view - usually right of centre in your lane
    • Always use the over-the-shoulder look when maneuvering (also known as the 'Lifesaver')
    • Always leave large gaps
    • Always keep your headlights on dip

The biggest cause of motorcycle accidents is drivers turning right across the cyclists lane. This is caused by 'inattentional blindness' - which is when drivers don't notice bikes because they were not expecting to see them. 99% of all traffic on the roads are either cars or lorries, so drivers are 'programmed' to look out for and notice them, not motorbikes.

It is imperative then that motorcyclists follow these tips and do everything they can to combat inattentive motorists.

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