Top 5 Tips to Keeping Your Kids Road Safe this Summer

August is National Road Victim Month & here at Cute Injury we know the importance of road safety during the summer holidays due to the number of personal injury claims we deal with from RTA’s .
The RAC Foundation reported Historical data showing that the monthly total of child road casualties rises to a peak in July. This peak in child casualty numbers is likely to be down to children’s increased exposure to risk with the better weather, longer days & school holidays. (, 2017)

We have gathered together some of the best learning tools & tips to help you to drive the message of road safety home.   

  1. Baby steps
  • Set a good example from the minute your child is old enough to take notice.
  • Practice with the kids spotting dangers such as hidden entrances or drives that cars could appear from
  • Always ensure you are the barrier between your child & the road
  • Use reins & hold hands at all times so your young ones get used to not having the freedom to just run off.
  1. Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Forget about why the chicken crossed the road you need to be teaching your children from a young age what the chicken did to ensure it was safe before crossing!

    Choose a safe place to cross and try asking young ones why they think you chose that particular spot to cross. Tell them why if they haven’t got it quite right so they are always learning
  1. Rhyme Time

        Safety doesn’t have to be boring – teach them a memorable poem like this one we found online


        ONE - Look for a safe place 

        TWO - don't hurry stop and wait 

        THREE - look all around and listen 

        before you cross the road, remember 

        FOUR - let all the traffic pass you

        FIVE - then walking straight across you 

        SIX - Keep watching, that's the 


          (Kilglass, 2017)


  1. Make learning fun

       The THINK! Campaign is a government back campaign that is working towards ensuring teachers pupils        & parents alike can help make our roads safer for little ones.

       They have devised some fantastic games for kids – follow the links here to check them out.  Perfect to           occupy the kids on rainy summer holiday days.


  1. Shine bright like a diamond

        During the summer months, the weather can still get foggy & visibility can be limited during some bad         weather spells. 

       Next time you go shopping for kids bags, jackets or trainers or when preparing for the dreaded ‘return          to school’ shop try and buy items with bright or reflective strips or detailing to help your child be better        seen whatever the weather & during dusky nights.

       Finally - should your children ever be involved in an incident with a vehicle on the roads, Cute Injury            has a team of RTA no win, no fee Claim Specialists that can help take the stress & worry out of what            would already be a distressing time. 

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