Tesla recalls 11,000 Model X’s due to faulty seats

On Thursday Model x owners got an email they were not expecting from the electric car manufacturer.  It was to inform the owners that if their vehicle was made between the dates of October 28th, 2016 and August 16, 2017, there is that the back seats aren’t correctly secured. Tesla believes that only 3 percent of the 11,000 cars being recalled actually exhibit the defect.

The recall is a worldwide one so Model X owners in the UK need to check when their car was made. Once Tesla has the cars back they have to correct possible cables in the second row of the car to correct and fault that might be there.

Tesla concluded their email by saying they are committed to ensuring that the Model X remains the safest SUV in the world.

This is the second time Tesla has issued a recall for its cars this year after they recalled 53,000 Model X and Model S vehicles in April due to a potential parking brake issue.

Did you know car owners who ignore recall notices risk being found liable for car accidents?

Tesla is leading the way in electric and autonomous vehicles but the question is after two large recalls in the same year would you really feel safe in one?

With Tesla’s becoming more and more common in the UK you can expect this will not be the last time we write an article about them.

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