Rain, wind and just general bad weather can bring down scaffolding and destroy a workplace, if at any time you feel at risk, inform your manager immediately and wait until the site is safe to return

If you notice or hear that any of the scaffolding has been affected by the bad weather, stay away from it.

Strong winds have been known to destroy walls, blow roofs off building and even damage scaffolding.

This can lead to additional dangers include dangerous wires and gas pipes in the workplace being exposed, this can happen both outdoors or in an office.

Heavy rain can often flood sites as well as block sewers; this can be very dangerous if there is electricity nearby.

What’s more alarming, if someone is exposed to raw sewage it can lead to a serious illness.

It is your manager’s responsibility to make sure that the workplace is safe.

You cannot be forced to work in and unsafe place. Unsafe parts at work can include scaffolding areas and or outdoor staircases. These areas may have to be closed until they are fully repaired and the weather conditions have improved.

If you feel you are at risk at your place of work, let your manager know straight away and wait until the site is safe to return.

Working with heights

Did you know that working from heights is one of the main causes of death and injury?

Unfortunately, construction workers are the main victims.

There are several jobs that should not be attempted in very windy or wet weather conditions due to the risk of a fall.

However, any work you do on scaffolding or ladders is a lot more dangerous in poor weather conditions. Especially when working on roofs. 

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