Storm Eleanor due to hit parts of the UK from 6pm today with strong winds of up to 80 mph

A yellow weather warning has been issued by the Met Office for parts of England and Wales today, as Storm Eleanor is predicted to approach us at around 18:00 this evening until the early hours of tomorrow morning, with potentially damaging winds and severe gales of 70-80mph. Chief Forecaster, Andy Page, has also said that it is expected to affect every part of the UK at some point throughout the week.

They have also stated that the storm will make its way across parts of Ireland this evening, and will start to clear areas of eastern England during Wednesday morning, but she will still leave the majority of England and Wales windswept tomorrow as well.    

This will be the fifth named storm to hit the United Kingdom this winter, after ex-hurricane Ophelia, Storm Brian, Storm Caroline, and Storm Dylan. 

Some places have even made the decision to remain closed tomorrow, just in case: Twitter page of the National Trust’s 18th century country house Erddig in Wrexham, Wales, announced this morning, “With storm Eleanor due to arrive sometime in the night, we have taken the decision to close Erddig tomorrow – Wednesday 3 January. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.” So if you have any plans, be sure to check whether the place you’re going to is open or not!

When out and about, staying safe on the road is essential for all drivers, especially during a potentially severe storm. Here at Cute Injury, we want to ensure your safety in preparation for heavy winds and an onslaught of heavy showers over the next 24 hours!

Here are 5 tips to staying safe on the roads during Storm Eleanor…

1. Slow right down

Driving at a steady pace lowers the risk of a road traffic accident occurring as a result of adverse weather conditions. Slowing right down will give you more time to react to potential hazards and see better in poor visibility circumstances.  

2. Be extra cautious towards people and hazards

Road users aren’t just drivers. People on foot, motorbikes and bicycles are all more difficult to spot in severe weather conditions, which is why it’s extra important to drive slowly and carefully so you can lessen the chance of putting yourself and someone else in danger. Always keep an eye out for temporary lower speed limits!

3. Maintain a safe gap between you and the vehicle in front

In wet conditions, it is recommended that you leave at least four seconds between your vehicle and the one in front. If you are driving in poor weather, it is also important to avoid harsh breaking and acceleration, as avoiding doing so will only worsen the results of a potential car accident.  

4. Anticipate gusts

When your ability to see is poor, which is most likely in adverse weather conditions like the strong wind and gales of Storm Eleanor, you should adjust your speed accordingly and take extra care when driving through areas exposed to strong winds. 

5. Don’t brake during a turn

As well as poor visibility that comes with heavy rain, drivers should remain vigilant to avoid hydroplaning (or aquaplaning). This is a common occurrence for vehicles that are moving at a fast speed in heavy rain conditions due to a lack of grip on the surface of the road. It is likely to happen especially during the few moments after it begins to rain, which is when the road surfaces are the most dangerous.

If you are unable to avoid driving in Storm Eleanor, when you do, the best thing you can do is take your time, turn your lights on, and give other vehicles more space.

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