Road traffic accident injury claims

Road safety is a big concern on everyone’s mind and it does not matter if you are a pedestrian crossing the street or a driver watching for the safety of both his fellow drivers and his passengers.

However, accidents do happen and they happen more often than you think. According to the RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), in 2012, a total of 195,723 people were affected by road collisions, as recorded in the road casualties report, of which 1,754 of those were killed and 23,039 were seriously injured. The good news is that those figures are down by by 4% in comparison to 2011.

Are you eligible for an injury claim?

There are estimates of up to 710,000 people who have failed to report a road traffic accident after it has occurred. According to Section 170 of Road Traffic Act 1988, you have the right to report an accident under the following conditions:

    • If someone or yourself has been injured during the event.
    • If damage was sustained by either someone or yourself but the responsible party did not stop.
    • If damage was sustained by either someone or yourself and the responsible party did stop, but no names or addresses were exchanged.

Of those 710,000 people, every single one of them could have filed a road traffic accident injuries claim and won compensation. Are you one of these people?

If you are, then you could be entitled to a large sum of money, even a minor fracture can be compensated for up to £9,200.

Gathering your evidence

As with any claim, you will be required to submit evidence to prove your case, below are some very important pieces of evidence that you should provide to increase the chance of success for your claim for compensation:

    • Eyewitness accounts and their detail so they can back-up your claim.
    • Police report of the accident.
    • CCTV Footage.
    • Photographs of the scene, if not possible, attempt to re-create as accurate as possible.
    • Hospital records, these will help determine how severe your injuries are, (the more severe, the higher the compensation award).
    • Details of every single person involved, the more the better. (If you can remember, the registration numbers of the car involved that would be vital to the process as it would help trace down the driver responsible for the negligent act).
    • Receipts of every single financial transaction made in response to or because of the accident, such as repair receipts and hospital bills.

Time Limit

You have 3 years from the date of the accident to make a personal injuries claim.

What will it cost me?

At Cute Injury we will never ask you to pay anything to use our services, you will be put through to our specialist solicitors who will advise you on making your claim through a No Win No Fee* agreement. If the case is successful, our personal injury solicitors will recover their basic legal costs and disbursements from the other side. We will always work hard to make sure you keep the maximum amount of compensation you are awarded.

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