Road safety tips for the school run

Research conducted by the Road Safety Analysis in 2012 showed that more that 800 children suffered serious and fatal injuries during the morning and afternoon school runs.

Every month across the UK there are around 1,100 children injured during the school run. The school run runs from 7.30am and 9.00 am in the morning, and between 3.00pm and 4.30pm in the afternoons each school day.

According to this research in 2011/2012 it is estimated that there were more than 800 serious and fatal injuries suffered by children during the morning and afternoon times.

What’s more alarming is that it has been estimated that in the last ten years there have been around 100,000 children injured during the school run. These road traffic accidents have amount to one-third of all child deaths and serious injury from any cause.

STOP: or face the possibility of being disqualified

Drivers are under an obligation to stop once they see a School Crossing Patrol Officer (lollypop crossing supervisor) assisting anyone on a crossing.

If you fail to stop you can be fined up to £1000 with an additional 3 penalty points on your licence. In more serious cases, you could potentially be disqualified from driving.

But that is nothing compared with what could happen if you are responsible for seriously injuring or even killing a child.

Under Rule 184 of the Highway Code, it states that near schools, motorists must drive slowly. That rule applies even if there is no crossing or patrol officer present.

Also be aware that it is not just pedestrians that you have to watch out for around schools, keep an eye out for bicycles too.

Remember to take extra care in bad weather

It is vital to take extra care when driving during bad weather.

Icy or slippery roads and poor visibility can make the school run even more risky, driving slowly with due care and attention can help to reduce this risk.

Parking illegally when dropping off or picking up children around the school area can also be unsafe. Some parents may think that stopping for only a minute to let their children out will be ok, but that is not always the case. Many local police regularly target parking around schools.

As motorists, we are under a duty to take care around schools, always expect the unexpected and drive with care.

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