Putting the Ball in Your Court For Sport Relief 2018!

With the Six Nations coming to a close this weekend, there’s no reason to feel deflated - Sport Relief 2018 is kicking off on Saturday and is lasting 8 days!

In 2016, the event raised a staggering total of £72,505,165 to help vulnerable people in the UK and internationally, thanks to the hard work of many who took part in a variety of activities. Some of the charity supports include mental health, poverty and sanitation – to name just a few.

Celebrities have inspired the nation to go that extra mile and get raising money for the cause, while the rest of us sit back, relax and donate while watching it all on BBC One.

Why not get on up and join in too!

Make sure you’re participating safely – should you sustain an injury due to a poorly maintained pitch or area, receive irresponsible advice or use faulty equipment which causes you to have an accident, call us today to see how we can help.

Anyway, let’s get back to sport…


Getting the Public Involved

Many of us take part individually or in groups, whether that’s completing a mammoth marathon, a sweaty team hike, whipping up some treats for a bake sale at school or simply picking up the phone.

The people behind Sport Relief have come up with a fantastic way of getting the nation involved – the Billion Steps Challenge

The aim is to get the nation to reach over a billion steps together every day from 17th to 23rd of March – we’re positive that’s doable.

Your steps can be tracked on the Sport Relief app - it’s a great way for everyone to pull together and take part, no matter how big or small – plus, the steps can be accumulated any way you see fit. You get to see how many steps the nation has done so far and the app encourages you to get active and raise money. It’s motivational and rewarding, not only for you, but the thousands they’ll be able to help – why not get involved?!

Gyms, clubs and leisure centres are also being encouraged to run activities and events for Sports Relief too - members or not. All vicinities must be properly maintained, however, and any that aren’t could lead to injuries and a breach of the owner's duty of care to you, meaning that you might end up needing to make a personal injury claim

But hopefully, that won’t happen! We’d rather you come out of Sport Relief uninjured, of course.

 Celebrities Getting the Ball Rolling

In the past, we’ve witnessed celebrities do all sorts to raise money and spread awareness. Gareth Thomas, Wales’s former professional rugby player, faced one of his biggest fears on 9th March – heights. He skydived with a team of people over the age of 60 – kudos to them!

Not quite feeling a skydive? Here are a few other activities celebs are taking on – perhaps they’ll inspire you to do something a little less extreme:

  • Cycling – we all saw Greg James deflated the other week as his Gregathlon Pedal to the Peaks was cut short due to extreme snowy weather. Nonetheless, he’s remained his positive self and got back to it yesterday. Go Greg!

Not forgetting Zoe Ball who completed her Sport Relief five-day challenge, Hardest Road Home, with over 350 miles covered!

These guys always have a team with them along the way who are able to foresee dangers and potential risks, but if you’re cycling without that added protection and have an accident that wasn’t your fault, one of our advisors will be able to help you.


  • Running – presenters of longest-running children’s TV programme Blue Peter, are taking part in a mile-a-thon, running a total of 26 miles, with children from 26 schools joining them along the way! Many places are also hosting fun runs for the event – so, whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re being safe and avoiding getting any injuries in amongst all the fun! If you do, however, Cute Injury would be able to help you if you were involved in a non-fault accident.


  • Sporting matchesRobbie Savage, former footballer from Wales, is hosting a five-a-side football match, where they’re going to be playing for 12 hours straight! Testing endurance and patience, that’ll definitely be one to watch on Friday 23rd.


  •  Mixture of everything – Alex Jones, Welsh presenter of The One Show, is working with four inspirational mothers this week, as they’re taking on the five-day Mother of all Challenges - swimming across Loch Ness, hiking, climbing, walking and cycling in the Lake District region, crawling underground in tight spaces in the Brecon Beacons, then finishing with a marathon along the Welsh coast. It’s exhausting just writing it!

You can donate and get involved in a number of ways to support Sport Relief yourself – encourage those you work with and those at home to support you or do it with you! Ideas can be found on the Sport Relief website.

Good Luck from Us at Cute Injury!

We’d like to wish everyone the best of luck in any fundraising events you may be taking part in – good on you!

We’re also here to remind you to put safety first and prevent yourself from sustaining injuries. Even the Sport Relief app says:

Please exercise within your limits, warm up, warm down, and have fun!

But if you do suffer an unfortunate event that means you have an accident that wasn’t your fault and causes you to sustain a personal injury, contact us today for free to speak to one of our advisors, and see how we can help you!


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