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The Irish government-backed Injuries Claims Board of Ireland has reported that it granted some 11,734 awards for compensation during the course of 2015, subsequently paying-out a figure purported to be 268.4 million Euros.

The board responsible for assisting in the processing of personal injury claims after accidents has observed that this amounts to a 6% rise in the number of people pursuing claims via the Injuries Board in the past 12 month period, yet wasn’t a cause for notable concern given that this increase merely mirrored the hike in both economic and social activity.

Within the pages of its recently published annual report, the Injuries Board cites that this rise was largely expected on account of there being more people at work, higher traffic volumes and a ramped up footfall witnessed in public areas; all of which statistically contributes to the likelihood of more accidents taking pace as a result.

Comparing the figures from the year before, records show that in 2014 although awards were down – in terms of being identified as 12,420 – the overall compensation dished out stood at 281.2 million Euros, which is of course an increase on what we have learnt about 2015’s calculations.

Having said that the board insisted that the reduction in awards didn’t represent any fundamental revision regarding underlying claim volumes, and is instead more reflective of the timing of the awards on this particular occasion, admitting that an additional volume from 2015 pushed into the first quarter of this year.

The report went on to claim that projections for 2016’s end of year figures suggest that underlying award volumes will depict in the region of 12,000, and covering a 3-year passage of time as compared to the 1,500 personal injury cases annually adjudicated by the Irish courts.

The Injuries Board stressed that looking at the average compensation pay-outs for 2015 remained relatively consistent with the year previous, and only increased by a modest 1% overall.

Scrutinising the breakdown of the compensation awards, and it appears that 75% of the pay-outs were in response to successful motor liability claims, whilst public liability and employer liability claims accounted for 17% and 8% of the pay-out pot respectively. J

umping to the defence of the board’s activities and its Chief Executive, Conor O’Brien was quick to point out that its non-adversarial model delivered direct savings of almost €80 million in 2015, with claim processing costs now said to represent their lowest ever level of 6.5%.

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