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A brand new smartphone app is set to potentially revolutionise the way in which video evidence can be used in conjunction with road traffic accident claims in the future, and it’s a UK start-up that’s behind the unique concept.

Uniquely designed to capture what the insurance sector refer to as ‘court-admissible’ video evidence, the eviid app currently utilizes patent-pending technology which enables hand held mobile devices to either record or even live stream videos in so-called ‘evidence mode’; and which subsequent footage is understood to be verifiable, tamper-evident and essentially, both acknowledged and officially accepted in court proceedings.

The Liverpool-based company responsible for devising the eviid app, YRfree is presently in the throes of raising the necessary funds (believed to be in the region of £1.5 million) to take the invention to the next level of development; which includes rolling it out to further sectors (including the utilities industry) on a global basis, as well as affording the all-important consumer interaction in which it was conceived for from the outset.

What’s more, the continued evolution of the eviid app will secure the creation of 10 new roles at its Speke HQ in Merseyside.

The required £1.5 million fund top-up is in the process of being sourced via a number of funding partners, and will be in addition to the £1.75 million YRfree has already managed to acquire in terms of venture capital investment, as the parent company look to fast-track a stand-alone consumer version of the app and bring it to market as quickly as possible.

Suffer from an injury following an accident that wasn't your fault? Start your enquiry now >>>

The tech outfit had already admitted that it’s on target to exceed £1 million in revenue this year, which has been significantly bolstered with news that various sizeable clients have expressed enough interest in the product to come on board in recent times.

Looking at the science aspect, or rather tech element of the eviid app, and YRfree explained to that it’s protected by a tamper-evident digital ‘wrapper’; which effectively means the app can’t have the video data recorded and stored on it compromised once it’s been logged; not without leaving a trace that is.

This virtually un-hackable premise will make the concept invaluable in future court cases, where the presentation of authenticated and verifiable contextual data will make or break insurance and personal injury claim cases in the future, whilst also adhering to compliance standards.

Having been initially developed in 2012, the product has already tasted success in both Australia and New Zealand, where customers have trialled the tech in vast geographical areas where the ability to share evidence-quality video footage is vital.

John Ridd is YRfree’s Chief Executive, and speaking with the Liverpool Echo he said; “We’ve already deployed the technology behind eviid into some of the most demanding IT environments and in highly regulated industries.”

He went on to add; “We’re confident that, as a business application, it will be a game-changer across insurance, facilities management, healthcare, emergency services, health and safety, logistics, media and many other sectors. A lot of time and money is spent verifying images and video footage – be it for an insurance claim or for a news story. Our technology gets round all that, and the potential applications are limitless.”

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