New research recently released by leading insurance company Aviva has sought to further damage the credibility of personal injury claimants.

The insurer used its own data, along with that of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), to detail exactly where the money from premiums is spent.

The results of Aviva's research has led them to claim that £26 out of the average £358 premium is spent by injury claimants on 'luxuries and holidays'.

Here's a snippet of their results:

Aviva research

Aviva are using this research in an attempt to frame the debate regarding personal injury compensation, as they seek to replace lump sum payouts to victims with rehabilitation and therapy costs. Their insinuation that fraudulent claims are prevalent does more harm than good though.

The reality is that a lot of personal injury victims do not seek the help, and compensation, they deserve because of misconceptions about the industry as perpetuated by Aviva - who seem to act only to trivialise injury and the devastating effect it can have on the sufferer.

Indeed, a recent report by National Accident Helpline found that 44% of people who suffer an injury following an accident that wasn't their fault never even make a claim for compensation. Research conducted by YouGuv this year suggested that figure could even be as high as 75%.

By driving this agenda and focusing on 'fraudulent claims', the insurance industry is succeeding in devaluing personal injury claims and discouraging genuine accident victims to make a claim for compensation.




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