Whiplash Compensation Claim - How much could I get?

Whiplash compensation is awarded if you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you have suffered from whiplash symptoms.  The aim of whiplash compensation is to get you back to the same financial position you were in before the accident. Not only does whiplash compensation cover you for whiplash injuries, you can also claim expenses. Details of these are listed below.

Average Compensation for Whiplash Injury Claims

The value of the compensation awarded depends on the severity of your injuries and how long your symptoms last.
Below are some whiplash-specific amounts taken from our compensation calculator, detailing the different amounts of compensation for the different levels of whiplash/neck injuries**, for more information use our personal injury calculator.

Minor Neck Injury:

  • Full recovery within 3 months: A few hundred pounds – £1,950
  • Full recovery taking between 3 months -1 years: £1,950 – £3,470
  • Full recovery within 1-2 years: £3,470 – £6,290

Moderate Neck Injury:

  • Accelerated/exacerbated injury less than 5 years: £6,290 – £10,960
  • Soft tissue/wrenching type injury/exacerbation of over 5 years:£10,960 – £19,920
  • Fractures/dislocations: £19,920 – £30,960

Severe Neck Injury:

  • Fractures/dislocations or severe damage to soft tissues that lead to chronic conditions: £36,240 – £44,630
  • Serious fractures or damage to disks with disabilities of considerable severity: £52,390 – £104,370
  • Little/no movement in the neck and severe headaches: in region of £118,240



You can also claim expenses as part of your whiplash compensation.
Details of the expenses you can claim are as follows:

Compensation for Vehicle Collision Damage

You are entitled to claim back the cost of repairs to your car. If your car was written off (was beyond economic repair) you can claim the amount that your car was worth (based on age, mileage and its condition)

Cost of Vehicle Hire

You can claim the cost to hire a vehicle whilst your car is being repaired.

Loss of Use of Vehicle

If you choose not to hire a vehicle whilst your car is being repaired, you can claim ‘loss of use of vehicle’, which is a sum of money calculated at a daily rate.

Vehicle Credit Repair and Hire

You can enter into a legal credit agreement to pay for your vehicle repairs and hire expenses. You are entitled to claim this back.

Vehicle Recovery Expense

You can claim back the costs if your car needs to be towed away from the scene of the accident.

Vehicle Storage Expense

If your car is stored whilst waiting to be repaired, you can claim back storage expenses. This is often capped at a certain amount as a vehicle may be stored for a long period of time.

Loss of Fuel

If your car is written off, you can claim back the cost of any fuel in the tank.

Travel Expenses

You can claim back any travel expenses relating to your accident, for example, getting a taxi to the hospital or your GP surgery. You must keep receipts for any travelling you do if you wish to claim this money back.

Cost of Medical Treatment

If you have to pay for any medical treatment for injuries sustained in an accident, including pain relief, you are entitled to claim this back. Like travel expenses, you must keep receipts for any medical treatment.

Nursing Expense

If you require professional nursing assistance after an accident, you can claim these costs back when applying for compensation.

Care and Assistance Expenses

If family or friends provided care and assistance to you following your accident, you are entitled to claim an hourly rate for their time.

Loss of Holiday

If you had a holiday booked prior to your accident and were unable to go, you can claim back the cost of your holiday. You can also claim loss of enjoyment if you went on your holiday but failed to enjoy yourself due to suffering from injuries relating to your accident.


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Whiplash Treatment

Proper treatment is essential to ensure that you recover from whiplash as quickly as possible.

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In most cases, whiplash will clear up on its own, usually within a matter of months, especially when treatment such as physiotherapy is used.  Sometimes the symptoms of whiplash can persist and cause further problems that can even last for years. In this case, it would be referred to as chronic whiplash. 
Learn more about whiplash after-effects here. 


Compensation for Whiplash

Whiplash injury compensation amounts vary depending on how severe your whiplash is and how long it lasts. The average claims payout for minor whiplash is approximately £2,800.

For whiplash that lasts for a period of more than 6 months, the compensation amount would increase and for whiplash that lasts 2 years or more, it is not uncommon for the payouts to be in excess of £10,000.
How much compensation for whiplash you receive will also depend on the competence of the legal support you seek out.

How to Claim

When you want to make a claim for a whiplash injury you should seek the advice of a law firm or a solicitor. Whilst whiplash claims are fairly straightforward, you'll want to hire a law firm that adheres to the following:

  • They have had previous experience and success in dealing with whiplash claims.
  • In the event of a successful claim, you will keep at least 75% of the compensation.
  • They will not charge any hidden fees such as administration fees.

Most reputable firms will adhere to the above points and work to get you as much compensation as possible.

How Long Do Claims Take?

The success of a whiplash claim depends very much on the opinion of the doctor who is assessing your progress. Due to the fact that the nature of the payout will depend on the length and severity of your injuries, it is not unusual for claims to take between 6-12 months to settle. This is to ensure that there is significant evidence to show the extent of your symptoms.

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**Information taken from Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases–14th Edition. Please note, these figures are for guidance only and the compensation that you receive may be outside of these guidelines.

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