Wigan man Paul Vallance, who sustained a severe brain injury in a car accident, has been awarded a personal injury payout of £4 million, after an eight year battle with the courts.

The collision happened in April 2006 when the driver of an oncoming vehicle lost control and smashed into Paul as he was driving his friend’s home after a night out in Wiltshire.

Paul’s life has been severely affected by the accident. The brain injury that he sustained has left him with serious communication problems, anger management issues and behavioural difficulties.

He spent 19 days in the Great Western Hospital in Swindon as his fractured leg, injured shoulder and feet, broken nose and numerous cuts and bruises were nursed.

Paul suffered from amnesia and could not speak as a result of the brain injury, but he was not given any neuro-rehabilitation treatment for this.

His mum Tina Collins said:

“In the immediate aftermath, Paul was suffering from amnesia, had lost the ability to speak and was in a confused and angry state.

“My loving son had been replaced by a much angrier, hostile young man. He would spend hours just staring at himself in a mirror, saying repeatedly ‘I look like Paul, but I don’t feel like Paul’. My heart was in bits seeing him like this.”

Before the accident happened, Paul worked as a trainee manager at Welcome Break, but unfortunately lost his job and was unable to find work.

Mum Tina contacted personal injury solicitors who specialise in brain injury cases. The solicitors believed that Paul’s insurance company should fund his rehabilitation. This long-term residential rehabilitation programme took place at Wigan’s Transitional Rehabilitation Unit (TRU), 200 miles from his home in Wiltshire.

Huw Pointing, a specialist brain injury lawyer at Novum Law said:

“The collision has had a significant impact on Paul’s life and family.

 “A number of years after the accident, he continues to suffer from the effects of the severe traumatic brain injury he sustained, affecting all aspects of his life.

“For a young man to be faced with the prospect of never being able to work again or live independently without support is unimaginable. We are absolutely thrilled to have secured justice for Paul which will help finance the specialist care and support he will need for the rest of his life.

 “Paul and his mother’s experiences highlight the importance of getting advice from a specialist personal injury solicitor from the outset who is experienced in the complex challenges of life-changing brain injury cases to ensure that victims get the much-needed compensation they are entitled to.

“It is vital individuals who suffer life-changing injuries get the recompense they are entitled to in order to access the support they need.”

Paul moved to Wigan in 2012 and now lives with his mum and two brothers in Winstanley. He continues to receive support from nurses.

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