When you hear the phrase ‘personal injury’ you probably think of those unfortunate enough to be  injured in road traffic accidents, trips and falls or injured at work.

Although it is very common to be injured in these ways, a lot of us also suffer personal injury due to faulty household items and products. Despite how common this kind of injury is, many of us are not aware that the product liability and safety law is there to help us earn the compensation we are entitled to if a faulty or malfunctioned item causes us injury.

Below we’ve listed the three steps you should take if you suffer a personal injury in this way.

Step 1 – Get hospital treatment if you need it

If you think you require hospital treatment after being injured using a product in your home then you should absolutely go. Many of us are more likely to ‘grin and bear it’ and get on with things after suffering such an injury, but you should seek hospital treatment for a number of reasons:

    • If you are injured then you need the right treatment to sort it out – simple as that
    • Going to the hospital will help document your injury, which can help with a compensation claim later on
    • The attending medical staff will provide a written report detailing the extent of your injury, which will also help your claim

Step 2 – Determine that the product was definitely at fault

Any product within the home can be faulty at any given time and has the potential to cause a personal injury. In order to pursue a claim for compensation, though, you need to determine whether the product manufacturer can be held accountable for the fault that has caused your injury.

Under the product liability and safety law, you must be sure that the product…

    • was being used appropriately at the time of the accident, as per the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines
    • isn’t clearly old and worn out. If the product is deemed to be too old to be reasonably expected to function safely then it can’t be held accountable for your injury

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