Government Launch Road Safety Review

Why Things Are Changing

On the 12th of March 2016, cyclist, Charlie Alliston collided with a pedestrian, Kim Briggs on his second-hand fixed-gear bike that had no front brakes. Alliston was travelling at 18mph when Kim stepped out onto a London street during her lunch break. Kim suffered “catastrophic” head injuries and sadly died in hospital a week later.

Charlie Alliston who is just 20 years old was jailed for 18 months and made to pay £140. Alliston was charged with ‘wanton and furious driving’ and the £140 was put into a pot for people affected by crime.

This is one of many high-profile cases recently involving cyclists which have led the Transport Minister Jesse Norman to announce a much needed, two-phase review into cycle safety.

Popular Legal Questions on cycling in the UK

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What the Government's Plan is

The first phase of the new Government review will be to analyse the case for creating a new offence equivalent to causing death or serious injury by careless or dangerous driving. This is to help and protect both cyclists and pedestrians. The outcome of this first phase review should be released by the New Year.

The second phase will be a wider examination of road safety issues that directly relate to cycling. Cycling Organisations will work together with road safety groups and the general public to reach the best outcome for all parties involved.

They will be considering the rules of the road and the public’s awareness of them.

Referring back to the Charlie Alliston case, one of the standout factors was that Alliston was on an illegal bike which was likely to be a contributing factor in Kim’s death meaning this tragedy may have been prevented if the bike was UK legal.

Time for Change as Times have Changed

The transport minister said, “It’s great that cycling has become so popular in recent years but we need to make sure that our road safety rules keep pace with this change” this was at the launch of the review.

Here at Cute Injury, we believe this review was well overdue and this case is just one of many that have highlighted the importance & need of a review like this for both pedestrian’s safety and cyclists.

There is a wide range of road safety issues that need to be addressed as the roads and vehicles/people using them have changed a lot in recent years.

With cycling gaining popularity not only in City Centres but across the nation a number of accidents either involving or caused by Cyclists has seen an increase in recent years. This has left many people in the dark about what to do if they find themselves involved in an incident with a cyclist.

Cute Injury want to help raise safety awareness too!

We have a helpful guide for what to do after an accident that focuses on cycling injury claims. Cycling injury claims: What to do After an Accident link

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We have a great article on potholes and everything a cyclist need to know about them if you have been injured because of a pothole you should defiantly give this article a read.

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CALL US FREE ON 08000 10 60 66 or use our CLAIM CALCULATOR

Cute Injury can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch with us today



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