You sadly read about medical negligence all too often these days, and subsequent claims for personal injuries filed by those believed to be on the receiving end of failed operations of botched procedures.

One such case which recently made the headlines involves Simon Evans, a 30-year old former HGV driver who originally suffered a slipped disc back in 2010, which has been supposedly corrected four times in total, yet according to the claimant has left him in constant back pain and no nearer rectifying the initial problem. Having first undergone the knife at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital to resolve the issue later that same year (yet to no avail), Evans is no nearer finding a pain-free existence and to his understanding lays the blame for his on-going problems at the door of the surgeon tasked with carrying out all four operations.

Evans alleges that he was never once privy to the risks associated with the procedures he undertook, and claims that the resultant – and the way he sees it – failed surgery has changed his very existence forever; leaving him unable to walk unaided and without the help of a crutch.

Apparently it’s since been discovered that this isn’t an isolated case of potential negligence aimed at NHS Tayside in general and with regards to the unnamed surgeon in particular, as both have been the subject of a number of separate legal investigations and subsequent personal injury claims launched against them and their practices.

Describing as to just how his life has changed in the aftermath of these failed operations to correct his initial slipped disc diagnosis, Evans explains; “I’m in pain 24 hours a day and I can’t feel 40% of my right leg. It has also caused testicular pain and makes me feel like I need the toilet all the time, as well as pain in my whole back and neck.”

In addition to this his life is to a degree governed by the administration of 9 tablets, 4 times daily plus potentially oral doses of pain-relieving morphine up to 4 times throughout a 24 hour period too.

Despite first thinking that what turned out to be a slipped disc was nothing more long-term than a muscle strain, Evans returned to his work six months after taking a forced break due to the pain; which on account of the nature of his role could have been caused by the lifting of heavy objects at the outset.

Eventually though, and as the level of pain became more sustained and unbearable, Evans sought out medical consultation and discovered that he had slipped a disc located in his back, which had subsequently affected the nerves in the locality. A partial spinal disc shave in 2010 didn’t alleviate the problem, while a return visit to the hospital for further surgery (including lumbar decompression) also failed to relieve Evans’ symptoms. Evans explained that the fourth and final operation was the worst experience of all, confirming that when he initially awoke post-op he couldn’t even feel his legs.

The surgeon in question has since left both the Scottish hospital where he practised, and the country according to sources, having relocated to America of late, so consequently never faced the allegations made against them before now. However Evans now has a personal injury claims lawyer working on his behalf, so is optimistic about his future chances of ensuring that the accused answers a raft of questions and allegations of negligence regarding them and NHS Tayside.

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