Top Tips to Prevent Injuries during the Autumn

As it does get colder and darker the probability of people being injured goes up because it's autumn time and more incidents happen due to changes in the weather and environment.

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It’s a beautiful time of year and you should be allowed to enjoy it without worrying about if you might hurt yourself or not.

Here at the three main places, people commonly get injured during the autumn.


1. On the Road

It might be an obvious one but incidents on the road are always more common in the autumn. There are a lot more leaves on the ground that can become slick when wet added with the roads also become a lot wetter as we get more rain in the autumn months.

 A huge factor is it gets darker sooner in the evenings and this also causes problems for motorists. The autumn months will also see weather like fog which can cause some drivers issues. Here are our Top 10 Tips for Driving Safely at Night

As the weather gets colder ice and frost on the road will also become a lot more common and be a hazard to a lot of road users.   

Our top tip for staying safe on the roads during autumn is to slow down if you think you should, don’t worry about what the drivers around you are doing and take the correct steps to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

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2. Out and About

The conditions when you’re out walking are very similar to being in a car. One of the biggest issues is leaves. Not only can leaves on the ground be very slippy when wet they can also hide possible holes or uneven ground which could lead to you falling and hurting yourself.

One of the other big issues is shaded areas, as they can still be frosty on a morning and could be easily slipped on.

These problems would affect you as well if you were on your bike, especially if you use your bicycle to commute in the morning this risk of frost and busier roads only increase your chances of an accident. Click here to read more about cycling accident statistics in the UK.

Our top tip is to be extra aware of your surroundings when out for a walk and tread carefully if you think you need to.


3. At-home

The most common injury at home during the autumn time is usually strain or repetition, usually because you’re cleaning and tidying inside and outside more than you usually would.  

Something that is very common is people attempting to clean guttering or roofs and their ladder being unstable.

Our top tip for this is, get the right tools. If your ladder isn’t up to the job don’t risk it either invest in a new one or borrow one. Something to also think about is getting rakes and brooms that fit your height. Don’t use something that is either too big or too small as this will cause you to strain.


What we can do

We all know is however hard you try there is still going to be a chance something could happen. This is where we come in, at Cute Injury we will help you with whatever you need if you have been injured or involved in an accident.

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CALL US FREE ON 08000 10 60 66 or use our CLAIM CALCULATOR

Cute Injury can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch with us today

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