Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has suggested that drivers caught using their mobile phones should receive six points on their licence instead of three, which is the current penalty.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has backed up Hogan-Howe’s suggestion, saying that:

“The amounts of casualties there has been is absolutely appalling”

McLoughlin was referring to figures from 2011 which show the use of mobile phones when driving contributed to 23 deaths and 74 serious casualties.

It has been illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving since 2003, and the Home Office show shocking figures that over 92,500 fixed penalty notices were issued in England and Wales in 2012.

If these changes were to take place, it would mean drivers would lose their licence if caught on a hand held device twice in three years.

McLoughlin does pick up on the fact that in England, road deaths and casualties have fallen year on year. But he notes that, ”one death is too many” and wants to get the message across to people about safety when driving,

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