Ever heard the saying that you can't put a price on your health? This is true, no matter how much money you have, it might not be that much of a comfort when you are sick.

But what if your health has taken such a hit that you find it impossible to ever recover?  If this is the case, then money is the only thing that can help you to carry on to live your life as normal as possible.

David Collins, 45, of County Durham was a trainer in forensics in photography and crime scene preparation for the UK police. He travelled to Indonesia after the tsunami hit the island in 2004. Whilst he was there, he ended up doing a 16 hour day shift, managing a mortuary with untrained and unskilled assistants.

This tsunami killed around 228,000 people, and Collins described the mortuary as like 'a production line of bodies.'

Even though he is proud to have helped, the experience has taken a toll on his mental health. Once he got home, he did not receive support from his employers.

He suffered from severe depression and even attempted suicide in 2010. As a result of this, Collins had no choice but to go off sick in 2011 for depression, and is now being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Duty of care

His employers, the National Police Improvement Agency had failed in their duty of care towards David.

Even the scheduled 'de-brief' never occurred, and nothing was done to help Collins deal with the horrors he'd experienced.

Due to this breach of care by his employers, he was awarded £464,000 compensation.

However, each case might not be as dramatic as this, nevertheless, that does not make them any less difficult for the people who are affected.

Hywel Jones a  28 year old man from Wales, contracted Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) after he worked for Aggregate Industries UK Ltd from 2004 - 2011.

The Health & Safety Executive state that the damage of HAVS is 'serious and disabling,' as it affects nerves, joints and blood vessels, leading to severe pain.

Hywel Jones was awarded with £13,000 compensation for his now reduced ability to find work, and at just 28, he has plenty more years of it to come.

Mark Lennon, representing Jones, said: “I'm still seeing a significant number of cases where employers have failed to follow regulations, and it's vital that lessons are learnt across the industry by cases such as this.”





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