Britain’s Most Dangerous Pedestrian Crossings for Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians have right of way at a pedestrian crossing but this doesn’t exempt you from the risk of injury.

Even though there’s a greater chance of sustaining an injury whilst driving or being a passenger in a vehicle, dangerous junctions and crossings are often the scene of high-risk pedestrian accidents. Here at Cute Injury, we have listed the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in Britain, causing the highest number of personal injuries;


Oxford St & Holles St (London)

Oxford St is the most popular street in the UK, with 5000,000 pedestrians walking across it every day and an average 470,000 passenger entries and exists, according to the London Assembly. The home of Oxford Street, Oxford Circus, is said to be one of the world’s most congested intersections, causing fatal accidents like the bus that killed a pedestrian on 23 May 2016. A further 11 pedestrians were killed on London’s roads during the days that followed.

Holles Street in Marylebone in the City of Westminster, which runs from the south side of Cavendish Square to Oxford Street, has also seen more pedestrians sustain personal injuries by vehicles while crossing the road than anywhere else, as reported by Department for Transport data.


London Rd (Coventry)

The combination of heavy traffic and numerous pedestrians makes London Road in Coventry a hot spot for road traffic accidents that involve pedestrians suffering personal injuries.

Bold St/Ranelagh St Junction (Liverpool)

Known for the Church of St Luke and its quaint cafes, Bold Street in Liverpool is usually the scene of accidents, like the one where a pedestrian was hit by a bus whilst crossing the road in Liverpool city centre.

According to the Liverpool Echo, 17 pedestrians were injured at this junction between 2005 and 2013, making it the third most dangerous pedestrian crossing in Britain.


Canal St & Carrington St (Nottingham)

Changes to road junctions and new road developments around Canal Street and Carrington Street have resulted in give way signs going unnoticed by car drivers and taxi drivers. This increases a pedestrian’s risk of personal injury after being hit by an oncoming vehicle. The Nottingham Post also describes this area around Broadmarsh to be the most dangerous area in the city for accidents involving cyclists.


Fitzalan Square & Commercial St (Sheffield) 

This busy Sheffield city centre street has seen 14 pedestrians suffer personal injuries as a result of being hit by a car during 2005-2013.


Oxford St & Duke St (London)

This area of London happened to be the scene for 12 incidents involving pedestrians who were involved in car accidents that resulted in injuries between 2005 to 2013. According to the London Assembly, a pedestrian was involved in a collision every 7 days between January 2012 and September 2015.


Charles St (Leicester)

Like London’s Oxford Street, Charles St in Leicester was the scene of 12 incidents between 2005 and 2013.


King's Rd & Sea Front (Brighton)

11 incidents involving pedestrians who sustained personal injuries as a result of close contact with a vehicle occurred within the 8 year period between 2005-2013 on Brighton’s King’s Road and Sea Front. The junction was also the scene of a pedestrian being hit by a police car when it was responding to an emergency call in September 2017.


Union St & Gordon St (Glasgow)

Union Street located in the city centre of Glasgow is a popular place for congestion and reduced pedestrian safety when it comes to incidents involving pedestrians and road vehicles. Similar to Brighton’s King’s Road and Sea Front, Union Street was the scene of 11 incidents involving the harming of pedestrians as a result of road traffic accidents between 2005-2013. In the attempt to reduce incident numbers, representatives from Glasgow City Council, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Glasgow Community and Safety Services and NHS Greater Glasgow set up the ‘Go Safe Glasgow’ Road Safety Partnership.

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