Staying Safe during and after Childbirth

Everyone wants to make sure their baby is delivered into this world safely. Unfortunately, many people suffer negative experiences when giving birth - this guide should help expectant & new mums to know what to look out for during & after labour...

Tuesday 21st November 2017 14:40


World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Day

COPD describes a number of different pulmonary diseases that can cause an increased shortness of breath. The causes of COPD vary but sometimes it can result from a breach in duty of care. This article explains more...

Tuesday 21st November 2017 09:45


Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe in the Bike Lane

With increasing traffic on the roads, the bike lane can be a dangerous place. Here are Cute Injuries top ten tips for staying safe in the bike lane.

Friday 17th November 2017 11:05


What are the Top 5 killer jobs in the UK?

What are the top 5 most hazardous professions in the United Kingdom, learn more here.

Wednesday 1st November 2017 15:15


Halloween-related injuries could be scarier than you think

Trick or treat! It’s that time of year again when little ghouls and monsters will come knocking. Halloween can be great fun but there are dangers lurking that could cause little kids, and big kids, to be injured.

Tuesday 31st October 2017 11:00


Turn back the hands of time this weekend

The clocks change on Sunday the 29th of October. Bet you didn’t know it makes it more dangerous on the roads? Read more about how here...

Friday 27th October 2017 12:55


October is International Walk to School Month

This encourages parents to put trust in their children who they feel are old enough and smart enough to walk to and from school on their own. Of course, this initiative can’t work for everyone but there are ways that your child can still be involved

Tuesday 17th October 2017 14:45


Tesla recalls 11,000 Model X’s due to faulty seats

Tesla recalls 11,000 Model X’s due to faulty seats. The rear seats may not lock in the event of the car being involved in an accident.

Monday 16th October 2017 13:30


Are you more likely to be involved in a car accident on Friday the 13th?

Is it just superstition or do bad things really happen more often on Friday the 13th?

Friday 13th October 2017 10:30


Top Tips to Prevent Injuries during the Autumn

It was the Autumn Equinox on Friday the 22nd of September (or to put it in layman's terms it was the first day of autumn ‘officially’). Leaves have started changing colour and it's getting colder in the mornings and darker in the evenings...

Monday 9th October 2017 10:35


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