What will it cost me to make a personal injury claim?

We will never ask you to pay anything to use our services.  When you are put through to one of our specialist personal injury solicitors you will not be asked to pay anything upfront and they will discuss the option to fund your claim through a no win no fee agreement.

If your injury claim is suitable to fund through a No Win No Fee* agreement and you are successful in this, our personal injury solicitors will recover their basic costs and disbursements from the other side.

You can be sure that our solicitors will work their hardest to ensure that you get to keep the maximum amount of compensation you are awarded.

What happens if my compensation claim does not succeed?

If for some reason your claim is not successful, our personal injury solicitors will not ask you to pay them anything, they will simply not get paid – No Win No Fee*.

Your file will be closed and if it is necessary, our solicitors will recover any disbursements, including the costs of medical fees from any insurance policy that was put in place on your behalf beforehand. So you have nothing to lose.

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