Our injury lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers will ensure that your claim will be dealt with professionally. They will work their hardest to get you the maximum compensation for your claim.

We appreciate that making a claim for any unfortunate event can become complicated enough; with the help of Cute Injury we aim to simplify that process.

Our personal injury lawyers will take care of everything on your behalf, such as assessing the value of your claim, dealing with all the necessary paperwork and negotiating a settlement amount for your claim for compensation.

We guarantee that our solicitors will provide you with reliable advice from the outset, whilst always letting you know where you stand at each stage of the claim.

Injury claims

Our qualified personal injury solicitors will decide whether a No Win No Fee* agreement is suitable for your claim for compensation.  In order to do this they will try to gather as much information in support of your claim including:

  • Witnesses to the event
  • Identifying the party at fault
  • Local medical examination

Based on this information they will make a decision as to whether they think your case has a reasonable prospect of success.

If you think you might have a claim then get in touch with Cute Injury today:

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