Victim of supermarket car park collision wins personal injury claim settlement

A pedestrian knocked to the ground by a reversing vehicle in a supermarket car park has been awarded compensation which reflects the severity of the injuries they’re still coming to terms with.

The 73-year old Bath resident was making their way out of a supermarket car park in the city when they were struck by a van which was reversing at the time; resulting in the victim sustaining a cut to the back of their head as they made abrupt contact with the ground.

Subsequently rushed to hospital to have their injuries seen to, the paramedics first on the scene reported a head injury which – after x-rays were taken at the hospital – later revealed swelling to the victim’s brain.

Together with the initial bruising to their face (which was present for a good month post-accident) and pain effecting the back of their head which took nearly two months to subside according to the claimant, medical experts delivered a more sombre long-term prognosis which suggested that the blow to the head might well trigger epilepsy at a future juncture. In addition to these physical aspects to contend with thereafter, the claimant has since experienced a psychological legacy, where visits to a therapist were necessitated to help them deal with post-accident anxiety issues.

With the collaborative help and guidance of both Unite Legal Services and a personal injury claims specialist, the victim sought the professional reassurance to launch a bid for financial compensation, which was put in motion by the latter on their behalf.

Speaking with various news sources of late, the claimant admitted that in their opinion they feel fortunate to be alive, and described the pain suffered as ‘excruciating’, and which the constant presence of meant sleeping was very difficult.

The anxiety is a different matter though, as they claimant pointed out, and something which they confirm they’re still learning to manage. They went on to explain that it took them 6 months before they felt confident enough to get back behind the wheel of their own vehicle, while they said they feel understandably nervous around other vehicles to this day.

Speaking on behalf of Unite South West, the union’s Regional Legal Officer had the following to say on the subject; “The accident happened at lunchtime so visibility was high and the van had actually driven past our member, stopped and then reversed before the collision, which makes it all the more incredible that she wasn’t seen.”

They went on to add; “As a result of the driver’s negligence, our member suffered a traumatic head injury that she was lucky paramedics could swiftly begin to treat.”

The union also highlighted the fact that drivers have a responsibility and certain duty of care to uphold when they’re in the public arena, and is even more vitally adhered to when manoeuvring in busy areas such as supermarket car parks.